Boho or bohemian fashion is always in style because it is effortless, chic, romantic, layering, comfy, often colorful, and versatile. It works on every body type and for women of all ages. You can dress up boho for special events, or keep it casual for just hanging out. Accessories add an extra touch of interest and beauty to your ensemble and amp up the boho wardrobe vibe. Our style experts list their must-have accessories for bohemian elegance.

1. Oversized Scarf

Oversized Scarf

Actress Jessica Alba is often photographed with a pretty shawl-length scarf wrapped about her neck in true bohemian style. This is the type of accessory that can enhance every type of clothing out there.

Boho scarves are found in lovely fabrics like silk, cotton, and light wool and are made in eye-catching patterns. Tie-dye is yet another awesome print that is all about a bohemian appeal.

Alba’s signature look often includes a simple tank top or blazer accessorized by a colorful scarf tied or draped loosely about her shoulders.

2. Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties

You don’t have to be attending a Coachella festival outdoors to show off your ankle booties. This is a major accessory for elevating your bohemian style. The amazing footwear looks fab with flared jeans and all of those cute boho dresses that make summertime special.

The heel size of your booties is up to you, but we recommend a clunky heel the shorter your dress or skirt go.

Model Gigi Hadid adds ankle booties to her favorite dresses in mini, maxi, and midi lengths for a modern take on bohemian style.

3. Layered Jewelry

Layered Jewelry

The beauty of bohemian fashion is in its cozy layers, and the same can be said of the jewelry that looks gorgeous with your ensembles.

For example, look for a layered necklace that brings a delicate statement to your outfit. Or go bold and choose an armful of sexy bracelets in different shapes, chains, metal tones, etc.

Wear chandelier earrings that feature colorful beads or stones or chunky hoops or those designed in geometric styles.

You can make a statement with your jewelry, and effortless boho clothing can carry both soft and strong pieces. You can layer and layer, and it still looks glam.

Also, try and incorporate jewelry with natural elements like suede, feathers, turquoise, coral, wood, or stone.

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4. Chic Purse

Chic Purse

Fringe is one of those incredible “iconic hippie” details that help add bohemian chicness to your wardrobe. Consider a handbag with fringe as an accessory you will reach for over and over again. Tassels are another cool accent.

An unusual handbag with a unique texture and embellishment like hand-tooled leather makes the grade for a gorgeous boho purse. It can deliver the perfect vibe you’re going for whether it’s a large hobo bag or a tiny cross-body purse.

Neutral tones are always right for bohemian handbags, so look for beiges, tans, browns, cognacs, etc.

Beautifully colored prints in brocade or silk also make for elegant boho purses and those of the vintage kind.

Rattan or straw handbags are another boho fave in natural materials that looks great with any layered outfit.

5. Oversized Sunglasses

A pair of sunnies can take you places, and when you’re seeking the bohemian fashion effect, we would recommend buying an oversized pair. This spells boho-chic and will add that modern romantic appeal to your wardrobe.

Round metal frames are trending at the moment. Look up photos of The Beatles’ late John Lennon. Those shades are cool with a colored, mirrored style.

Also, consider big sunglasses in a square design, cat-eye style, Wayfarer classics, or oversized aviators.

If you desire more than one pair like many of us do, then buy inexpensive sunnies online. Some of us lose our shades often or accidentally sit on them and break them.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to show off a boho wardrobe, and let’s be truthful. It’s a glamorous look that can be created with a variety of pieces from pretty layers to flowing fabrics and interesting textures. Adding chic accessories will elevate your bohemian vibe and turn heads. Start building your boho wardrobe now. It’s modern, vintage, and timeless all in one.



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