Sequined tops are a staple of disco and party and are common clothing for many pop culture superstars like Michael Jackson and Abba.

Famous in ancient Egypt and the Middle East, the wealthiest of society often wore this type of clothing to display class, wealth, and extravagance. While sequins aren’t seen in that way anymore, it’s still a fashion legend that has a place in any era.

Sequins became popular in the 1920s as it was designed in many dresses. Actually, sequin was so famous that even the best designers in the world decided to include sophisticated sequin designs in their collections.

However, sequins’ real rise to fame was in the 1970s. With disco music becoming famous, people soon saw how sequins were perfect for the disco vibe; flashy, extravagant, and unique. It’s also why many pop culture artists had sequins in their wardrobes. Before the 1970s ended, anyone who truly loved disco had at least a sequin or two.

While they aren’t that famous today, sequins are still very much visible at parties because they provide the shine and uniqueness one needs to have to have fun at any party. If you’re a partygoer or a dancer, you’ll like what we have in store for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of sequin tops that will put you in the center of everyone’s eyes and on the center of the stage.

For Women

Sequin Tank Top

If you want a sequined top that you can wear both in the practice room and on the dancefloor, a sequined tank top provides that kind of balance that is rarely achieved by other types of sequined tops.

With sequined tank tops, you can have a beautiful and flashy top to wear while you practice your performance, as it’s very light and easy to move with. You don’t have to worry about your top hindering your dance moves, as you can barely feel its weight.

Also, since it’s a tank top, it provides you the flexibility to practice different types of dance, may it be disco, hip hop, or jazz. It’s easy to wear, provides no distractions as you dance, comfortable, and suitable both while practicing and while on the dance floor.

Sequin Halter Neck Sports Bra

This type of sequin top is like a sports bra with a strap around the neck. If you want something really comfortable but still looks unique and beautiful, this type of sequin top is worth a look.

It’s great to wear as you practice, as it’s flexible and breathable. You can move your body freely to perform just about any dance move when you’re wearing this.

With the sequin halter neck sports bra, you can wear a top that’s sexy, breathable, and flexible. You can wear it as you practice, at your dance performance, or while you’re just on a night out. Trust us; if you’re going to wear this, then you’re going to look really hot.

Sequin Dance Costume Top

If you really want to stand out for your dance, then that’s more than enough reason to get a sequin dance costume top. 

Shiny, elegant, and beautiful, it will give you the confidence you need as you party in the night. While it’s elegant, it’s still quite flexible and breathable, so it’s also highly suitable for different dance disciplines and performances.

Sequin Body Chain Bra

A sequin body chain bra will make you catch the eye of everyone at the party when you arrive, as it’s a perfect balance between elegance and seduction.

If your performance includes some really sexy and daring moves, wearing this will ensure that your performance will keep the audience hooked and in awe. Furthermore, if you like going out to parties, a sequin body chain bra is a good outfit too, as it’s suitable to wear even when you don’t need to perform.

For Men

Sequin Mesh Top

A sequin mesh top is absolute class. Whether you’re just going for a fun night out or you’re going to do a performance, a sequin mesh top will get you looking classy, handsome, and eye-catching.

It has long sleeves, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be comfortable while you pull out the moves, as it’s light, flexible, and comfortable; perfectly designed for a casual party and an all-out performance on the dance floor.

Sequin Open Front Long Sleeve Jacket

This type of sequin is like a cardigan that you can wear while going out or while performing onstage.

While it can really make you stand out from the crowd, it also requires you to have a level of confidence to wear it, as it’s very flashy and shiny and catches a lot of attention.

It’s also good for all kinds of parties, so if you’re a frequent party-goer, you better keep at least one of these in your closet.

Sequin tops are timeless; they are always beautiful, elegant, seductive, and unique. It doesn’t matter if you need to wear it for a dance performance or for a night out at the disco, sequins are right for you.

Whether you need sequin dance gowns for your performance or you just want an outfit that will make you the crowd’s apple of the eye while you have fun during the night, sequin tops will ensure that you will look your best; beautiful and majestic.

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