65% of Americans feel special when receiving flowers. After all, it’s customary to send the best flowers before a special event.

When it comes to choosing the best flowers for any occasion, it can be tough to know where to start. With so many different types of flowers available, how can you be sure that you’re choosing the best flowers to send to a special someone?

In this article, we will provide 13 fantastic tips to help make your decision easier. Whether you need to send flowers for a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, we’ve got you covered.

1. Choose the Right Corresponding Flowers for Birthdays

For a birthday, it’s best to choose cheerful and vibrant flowers that will put a smile on the recipient’s face. Roses are always a popular choice for birthdays, but you can also go with tulips, daisies, or lilies. In fact, each birthday month has a corresponding flower you can buy.

When in doubt, ask your florist what they would recommend. They will have plenty of experience selecting the best flowers for birthdays and will be able to offer suggestions based on the recipient’s personality and preferences.

2. Use White Flowers for Sympathy Bouquets

If you need to send flowers for a funeral or other somber occasion, it’s best to use white flowers. White flowers are universally associated with sympathy and represent peace and serenity.

Some popular white flowers that can be used in bouquets include lilies, carnations, roses, and chrysanthemums. Your florist will be able to help you choose the best combination of flowers for your particular needs.

3. Match the Flowers to the Occasion

When selecting flowers for an event or special occasion, it’s important to try and match the flowers to the occasion itself. For example, if you’re attending a wedding, select floral arrangements that contain gardenias, roses, and lilies- all traditional wedding flowers.

If you’re sending flowers to a funeral, opt for arrangements with white lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations. These types of flowers are often seen at funerals and will be sure to convey your sympathies properly.

4. Choose Vibrant Colors for Happy Occasions

When selecting flowers for a happy occasion, like a birthday or anniversary, it’s best to choose bright and vibrant colors. This will help inject some extra cheer into the event and show that you’re truly excited about celebrating!

Some popular color combinations include red roses with yellow daisies, orange lilies with pink carnations, and purple irises with blue delphiniums. Your florist can help you create a beautiful arrangement that will perfectly match the occasion.

5. Consider the Recipient’s Preferences

When choosing flowers for a special someone, it’s important to consider their preferences. After all, you want them to enjoy and appreciate the bouquet you send!

If you know your recipient loves roses, go with a rose-themed bouquet. If they’re more of a daisy person, choose a bouquet with plenty of daisies in it. Your florist can help put together a personalized bouquet that is sure to please.

6. Choose the Right Color Get Well Soon Flowers

When sending flowers to someone who is not feeling well, it’s best to choose a cheerful color. This will help lift their spirits and let them know that you’re thinking of them.

Some popular colors for getting well soon flowers include yellow, pink, and orange. Your florist can put together a beautiful bouquet using these and other appropriate colors.

7. Learn About the Different Types of Wedding Flowers

Many different types of flowers can be used in wedding arrangements. If you’re not familiar with them, it can be difficult to choose the right ones.

Some popular wedding flowers include roses, lilies, orchids, and sunflowers. Your florist will be able to help you choose the best flowers for your particular needs and preferences.

8. Buy From a Knowledgeable Florist

When buying flowers for a special occasion, it’s best to buy them from a knowledgeable florist. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality flowers and that they will be appropriate for the event.

Your florist will be able to help you choose the right flowers for any occasion and will know how to put together beautiful arrangements. They will also be able to give you advice on flower care so that your blooms last as long as possible.

9. Remember That Yellow Flowers Are Only for Friends

When sending flowers to someone, it’s important to remember that yellow flowers are only for friends. If you send yellow flowers to someone who is not your friend, they may feel insulted or uncomfortable.

10. Never Send Flowers as a Wedding Gift

It’s never appropriate to send flowers as a wedding gift. Flowers are best reserved for congratulatory bouquets or get-well-soon arrangements. If you’re looking for a unique wedding gift, try something like a custom-made cake or an engraved piece of jewelry.

11. Avoid Buying Bright Flowers for a Funeral

When sending flowers to a funeral, it’s best to avoid buying bright flowers. Bright colors can be jarring and may not be appropriate for a somber occasion like a funeral.

Some good choices for funeral flowers include white lilies, chrysanthemums, and carnations. These types of flowers are often seen at funerals and will help convey your sympathies properly.

12. Avoid Sending Flagrant Flowers to Sick People

When sending flowers to someone who is not feeling well, it’s best to avoid sending flagrant flowers during flower delivery. This means avoiding any type of flower that may have a strong scent.

Sending flowers to a sick person is always a good idea. Sadly, it doesn’t always play out that way. For example, if someone was diagnosed with a rare disease and the treatment was going to be very expensive, putting flowers on their doorstep would be a good idea. On the other hand, if you know that the sick person is young and loves to party, you might send them a dozen bright and colorful flags. This could be a good way to show that you care about their sickness. You could also use this idea if you’re looking for someone who’s clinically depressed. So also it’s best to avoid sending flagrant flowers during flower delivery.

Sending strong-scented flowers to someone who is sick can be overwhelming and may make them feel worse. Stick with soft-scented blooms like roses, lilies, or carnations. Your florist can help you choose the best flowers for getting well soon.

13. Send Flowers in a Nice Vase

When sending flowers, it’s important to send them in a nice vase. This will ensure that they look their best and will last longer.

If you’re sending flowers as a gift, try to find out what type of vase the recipient prefers. Some people prefer tall, slender vases while others prefer shorter, rounder ones. Your florist can help you choose the best vase for your needs.

Learn More About the Best Flowers to Send

As you can see, there are many things to consider when you choose the best flowers to send a special someone. Be sure to follow these tips to avoid making any mistakes during a nice gesture.

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