Oily skin, as many of us who have it know, can be a challenge to care for. However, choosing the right skincare routine and most importantly the right facewash for oily skin can go a long way in maintaining a balanced complexion and a nourished skin. In this article, we will dive into a deeper understanding of what makes oily skin different, and we will learn how to care for it. Furthermore, we will understand how to choose the best face wash for oily skin in order to keep the skin moisturised and to keep the excess oil at bay. In this ultimate guide, we will explore key considerations, ingredients, and tips to help you make informed decisions for your oily skin care routine. We will also take a look into how an Organic Face Wash can be the best face wash for oily skin.

Understanding Oily Skin

The skin produces a natural oil called sebum. Oily skin is characterised by an excess production of sebum. The main purpose of sebum is to moisturise and protect the skin, but when the sebaceous glands produce more sebum than necessary, it causes the skin to become oily and look greasy. Let us understand some key characteristics of oily skin.

  • Shiny and greasy skin: The excess oil on the skin makes the skin appear shiny and feel greasy. The best face wash for oily skin should ensure that the excess oil is cleansed from the face. The Lotus Organics + Pristine Purifying Face Wash is a sulphate-free cleanser which removes excess oil without irritating the skin.
  • Enlarged pores: The excess sebum often accumulates in the pores and makes them appear larger than normal.
  • Prone to acne and pimples: The excess sebum can easily mix with dead cells and clog the pores, creating an environment for the growth of acne causing bacteria.
  • Difficult to keep the make-up on: The excess oil can cause the make-up to slide off the skin, making it challenging for the make-up to stay in place. 

Thus, caring for oily skin involves a skincare routine that helps control excess oil, prevent acne, and maintain a healthy complexion. One might get an idea that any face wash that effectively helps control excess oil would be good for oily skin – this is where people can get horribly wrong. Harsh chemicals can strip the skin off its natural oils, triggering more oil production and causing more clogging issues. An organic face wash is the best face wash for oily skin to effectively cleanse, control oil, and maintain a healthy balance. 

How to choose the best face wash for oily skin?

There are some important things to consider while choosing an effective face wash for your oily skin:

  1. Hydrating Formulations: When the skin is dehydrated, it tries to compensate and thus triggers more oil production. Keeping the skin hydrated maintains the oil control. The Divine Nourish Face Wash is a soap-free face wash made from 100% certified organic irish moss which replenishes the lost moisture from the skin and keeps it supple and hydrated. It also gently removes dirt and impurities from clogged skin pores. 
  2. Gentle and oil-free face wash: Choose face washes with mild and gentle cleansing agents to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Overly harsh cleansers can lead to increased oil production. Oil-free formulations are designed to cleanse the skin without adding any extra oil to it. 
  3. Non-Comedogenic: Many ingredients in a chemical-based face wash are comedogenic in nature, meaning they can clog the pores. For oily skin, it is absolutely essential to prevent clogging of pores to prevent acne breakouts, and blackheads and whiteheads. Choose non-comedogenic products that won’t clog the pores. Organic face wash formulations from Lotus organics use Irish Moss which is a non-comedogenic natural ingredient that is a very effective cleanser which lifts out dirt and other impurities from the skin.
  4. Natural and Organic Ingredients: Avoid cleansers with alcohol as they can strip the skin of natural oils. Look out for ingredients like herbal extracts that are potent in cleansing and maintaining oil balance. Natural ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera, green tea extract, witch hazel, or chamomile, frangipani, irish moss,  These ingredients often provide effective cleansing and soothing benefits along with a potent antimicrobial action.
  5. Gel-Based or Foaming Formulas: Gel-based or foaming face washes are better-suited for oily skin as they effectively remove excess oil without over-drying.

Choosing the best face wash for oily skin is a crucial step in achieving a healthy and balanced complexion. Through an understanding of your skin and its needs, you can choose a face wash that effectively and gently cleanses the skin while maintaining its oil balance and natural moisture, making it look glowing and radiant. Remember the best face wash for oily skin is also the best product that nature has gifted us. Go organic and choose brands like lotus organics + that promise purity and are committed towards sustainability. 



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