So, you’ve turned one year older and are still clueless about what kind of party you would like to throw for yourself. All you know is that you’re looking to spice things up and give your guests something to remember. Maybe it’s time to avoid the run-of-the-mill at your next shindig. Check out our list of 6 themes to look into when planning your birthday party and get an A+ on your creativity instead of C-.

90’s Theme

A 90s birthday party is one of the most popular themes. These parties are filled with neon colors and lots of fun games. A popular game to play during a 90s birthday party is Hungry Hippos. Other popular games include Mall Madness, Jumanji, Dream Phone, and Pac-Man.

These games can even be turned into drinking contests if the guests are old enough. To make your 90s birthday celebration unique, you can incorporate the decade’s favorite 90s songs or put together a mixtape.

Hiring a graffiti artist to create bespoke favors with your child’s name or a beloved character makes your party memorable. The 90s were the age of neon bum bags, neon bucket hats, and over-the-top bling.

You can even incorporate a slime station into your party theme. These items are a great way to get kids or adults into the 90s mood and have fun with their favorite childhood games.

18th Century

Getting dressed up as a Victorian may not be necessary, but it’s fun. You can purchase period costumes and decorate the room with authentic elements, and the 18th century liked natural greenery and homemade ornaments.

You can also throw games that involve word games or sing around the violin or piano. While these traditions are not necessarily new to today, you will need to cut off any electrical lights in the party area and place rustic lamps so that you can have an authentic look.

Fire and Ice

The Fire and Ice theme is an elegant and fun choice for a birthday party. The combination of red and white provides heat, energy, and desire. The theme is perfect for people who love all things luxurious.

You can design and issue luxury invitations to your special guests, and for the decoration, you can use silver or red tablecloths. The fire elements are reflected in crystal trays. You can add an ice part with a custom ice sculpture. The guests will love the fire and icy atmosphere created by the decorations.

Arabian Nights

Throwing an Arabian night’s birthday party is a fantastic idea, and it combines a vibrant color scheme with luxury and rich textures. Whether you want to throw a small or large party, you can use various decor items to create the desired atmosphere.

You can add a genie lamp, floor cushions, and rugs to set the mood. You can even hire a belly dancer and snake charmer to perform at your event.

Mardi Gras

A Mardi Gras birthday party is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday. However, according to Elle Magazine, this particular party theme is only suitable for adults. You can even make a King Cake, a traditional New Orleans dessert, in honor of the Three Wise Kings.

You can look online for a recipe for a King Cake. A King Cake traditionally has a tiny baby figurine baked into it, representing Jesus, and you can give a prize to the person who finds it first.

You can also have a “bead game” where guests must collect as many beads as possible to win a prize. An excellent game to play is a beaded race.

Super Hero

Superhero parties are fun and exciting and perfect for kids and adults. There’s no shortage of ideas to create a superhero-themed party. The party decorations can incorporate a superhero-themed cake and a mask.

To make the costumes look more authentic, you can use a toilet paper roll, paint, glitter, and sequins. If your kid’s favorite character isn’t available, consider making a superhero costume at home. Then, have your child decorate the final piece of the outfit.

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Your event is one of the most memorable experiences of your life, so don’t just settle for anything. Ensure that you will never forget your party by picking a theme that fits you like a glove. It is also not about picking something extravagant but about finding the right mix of everything at the right price. Please give it some thought, and enjoy your party!



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