The usage of Rosemary oil for hair has been in practice for years. It has been used effectively to treat some forms of hair loss like androgenetic alopecia. Besides, it can also help in boosting hair growth.

Rosemary oil can be an excellent choice for stimulating hair growth and promoting hair thickness because of its ability to improve cellular generation. So, is rosemary oil a boon for your hair? Let’s find out.

5 Surprising Benefits Of Rosemary Oil

There are several ways rosemary oil can benefit us, be it to eliminate headaches or treat dandruff. It has been known for its stimulating and pain-relieving properties. It is a simple remedy that you can use easily at home.

Besides, it’s pretty safe as compared to other commercial products when used correctly. So, how can rosemary oil transform your hair, and what all hair benefits does it supply? Let’s learn about it in detail.

Rosemary Oil For Hair Growth

Rosemary oil is considered beneficial for promoting hair growth and treating hair damage. A study was conducted on Rosemary oil vs minoxidil, which is also a popular hair growth treatment. The group treated with the oil saw more significant hair growth after six months compared to minoxidil oil. Also, scalp-itching was more prevalent in the group that received minoxidil.

Moreover, it strengthens the hair follicles and promotes healthy growth by enhancing blood circulation to our scalp. For more visible results, use it in combination with other carrier oils to boost hair growth.

Rosemary Oil For Hair Regrowth

Rosemary is one of the oils that people prefer to promote hair regrowth and reduce hair loss. People lose their hair for many reasons that can involve hormonal shifts, age, or immune system reactions. Studies have shown the efficiency of this oil to reverse some of the common forms of hair loss. 

One common form of hair loss is male pattern baldness that occurs when DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, attacks the hair follicles. A 2013 study has been conducted on mice to test the efficiency of Rosemary oil for male hair loss. It has been concluded that the rosemary extract may help prevent DHT from attacking the hair follicles, thus, supporting hair regrowth.

Rosemary Oil For Softer And Lustrous Hair

Rosemary oil stimulates blood circulation to our scalp, and also it adds shine to your hair.

Also, it helps to nourish hair follicles, thus, treats frizzy hair and dry hair. You can add a few drops of this oil to your shampoo or conditioner, which will help your hair grow thicker and fuller.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Rosemary oil offers an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefit, thus, prevents redness or swelling that is likely to be caused by other hair products. It is known as an effective healing herb. Also, it helps treat dry, itchy scalp and improves blood circulation.

Antifungal Properties

Rosemary oil has antifungal and antiseptic properties that stimulate new hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles. Repeated exposure to pollutants can cause dirt to accumulate in your scalp and, thus, prevents new hair growth. But rosemary helps to unclog pores and protects the hair from further damage.

How To Make Rosemary Oil For Hair?

Rosemary oil is an excellent option to treat dull and dry hair. However, it needs to be combined with the right ingredients to increase its potency and effectiveness. There are different rosemary oil recipes that you can follow to make the oil quickly at home. Read on to know more about it.

Rosemary oil with olive oil

Olive oil is known to be rich in antioxidants, and it helps increase blood circulation to the scalp. Combining it with rosemary can result in the growth of healthy hair.

How to make it?

  • First, take 2 tsp of olive oil.
  • Then add around five drops of rosemary oil to it.
  • Mix well and apply them to your scalp and roots.
  • Keep it for an hour, or you can leave it overnight.
  • Use twice a week for better results.

Rosemary oil with Peppermint and Jojoba oil

When combined in accurate proportion, these oils can help nourish and soften the hair. It also treats frizzy, dry hair.

How to make it?

  • First, take two drops of peppermint oil.
  • Then three drops of rosemary and 2 tsp of jojoba oil.
  • Mix well and apply them to your hair.
  • You can leave it for about an hour or overnight, whatever suits you.
  • Use it twice a week for visible results.

Rosemary oil with aloe vera for hair

Aloe vera helps treat hair loss, and it also soothes the scalp and reduces dandruff. It also works as a great conditioner and prevents itching on the scalp.

How to make it?

  • Take around 2-3 tbsps of aloe vera
  • Then take about six drops of rosemary oil.
  • Mix them well and apply.
  • You can leave it for an hour or overnight.

Rosemary oil with almond oil for hair

Almond oil is rich in biotin, thus, helps keep hair healthy and lustrous. It works at hydrating the scalp and nourishes the hair. When combined with rosemary oil, it can also treat frizzy and damaged hair.

How to make it?

  • Take about 50ml of sweet almond oil.
  • Then mix eight drops of rosemary with it.
  • Add lavender oil to the mixture ( Optional)
  • Rub it gently into your scalp and leave it for an hour.

Rosemary oil with coconut oil

Coconut oil has been used for years to slow down hair loss and moisturize your hair. Besides, it removes the build-up around the hair to jumpstart the process of hair growth. When used with rosemary oil, it can improve both hair growth and thickness.

How to make it?

  • Take five drops of rosemary oil.
  • Mix 1 tsp of coconut oil in it.
  • Apply and leave it on your hair for at least half an hour.

Rosemary Oil Side Effects

Though, it is safe to use without major side effects. But take care not to apply it too much to your hair. Some of the side effects include:

  • It may cause discomfort.
  • It can cause skin irritation. To prevent it, use a carrier oil along with rosemary oil such as coconut or jojoba oil.
  • Pregnant women should not use it before consulting a doctor.


Till now, you might have learned the benefits of Rosemary oil for hair and how you can use them to avoid any discomfort and side effects. It has been used successfully to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Not only does it help to protect hair from damage, but it has been found to treat female or male pattern baldness.

Rosemary essential oil can be used easily at home as a natural alternative to your hair care regime. So, for healthier and stronger hair, add it to your daily routine, and you can expect to see visible results within some time of its use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can rosemary oil regrow hair?

Yes, it can help regrow hair and reverse the common forms of hair loss. It has natural healing capabilities to help grow your hair stronger and thicker.

2. How to dilute rosemary oil for hair?

To make a rosemary oil solution, you can mix a few drops of carrier oil with it. It will not only help dilute the oil but provide many additional hair benefits.

3. How do I use rosemary oil on my hair?

You can use it in a variety of ways. Mix it with your shampoo or use it as a mask treatment by mixing it with coconut oil. You can also make your DIY shampoo with it. Try to do a patch test before to avoid the risk of discomfort.

4. Can I leave rosemary oil on my hair overnight?

Yes, you can leave it overnight into your hair. But make sure to dilute it with a carrier oil before applying it to the hair.



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