A custom silicone mold is a customized and artificial rubber block with an interior hollow left empty. In most cases, a substance is used for liquid casting that can be pressed or poured into a container which then solidifies eventually to create a tangible item that takes the shape of the used container. Various companies manufacture one-piece & two-piece custom silicone molds for various purposes. 

NEW TOP is a renowned and trusted one-stop shop that manufactures and markets custom silicone molds of various types. Consumer silicone products are being used widely; thus, the demand for the same is also increasing with time. NEW TOP has been operating for more than ten years and specializes as silicone rubber manufacturer.  

Some of the most popular products that NEWTOP is manufacturing are: 

  • Silicone O ring – This is one of the basic industrial silicone parts which help connect & protecting different components in many kinds of equipment.
Silicone O ring
  • Silicone tube – A silicone tube is manufactured by the extrusion that is used for guiding the flow of liquid. The length and diameter of the product can easily be customized as per requirement. 
  • Seals/Gasket – Gaskets & seals made of silicone are used in the industrial field to provide cushioning and protection for several kinds of equipment. 

What makes NEWTOP a great company that achieves the perfect parts of silicone?

NEWTOP has got a decade’s experience in the field of custom silicone molds manufacturing. They use the most advanced and innovative techniques of molding manufacturing. Moreover, they follow a reliable and flexible procedure of production which brings them success in rapidly manufacturing high-volume complex parts made of silicone.

What are the advantages of custom silicone molds made of silicone manufactured by NEWTOP?

The major advantages of NEWTOP-manufactured silicone molds are: 

  • Usage of high–quality raw materials–NEWTOP always uses the best quality raw materials for manufacturing custom silicone molds
  • Standardized strict QA – NEWTOP follows a perfect supervision system at par with international standards. 
  • Precision forming technology – NEWTOP is a silicone rubber manufacturer that follows the perfect accuracy of the parting line during the manufacturing procedure. 

The bottom line

NEWTOP manufactures a wide range of custom silicone molds as per their client’s requirements. They have a very good turnaround time as they use advanced techniques like compression molding and multiple automated injection molding.



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