Teenagers Bra Guide

teenager bra

Well, yes your baby is not little anymore! It is the time that she is hitting puberty and is almost ready for her first lingerie shopping. Also, this is an important stage in the phase of parenting, especially for mothers. It could be emotional for some but practical for others. However, it turns out to be the most challenging for teenage girls. First bra experience entails an experience of growing into comparatively mature years. And, this transformation from a girl to a woman demands support, care, and attention. It is here that mothers have to start sharing a more intimate bond with their daughters.

Of late, kids begin to grow physically and mentally from a younger age than ever before. This makes it all the more important for parents to answer the calls of puberty timely and appropriately. It is likely that in girls as young as 8 years old, measurable breast development can start. Also, there are noticeable physical, mental and emotional changes in the growing girls that their parents would surely experience. Though there is no specific age for puberty to knock on the door of innocent, ignorant, and carefree girls, there are certain situations that can hint towards the same. Similarly, certain indications make parents realize, ‘our girl needs her first bra’.

Here are the situations that indicate that it might be the right time:

  • When breasts begin to develop
  • If she asks to go bra shopping
  • In need of extra coverage
  • Expressing discomfort
  • Needs additional support for sports
  • Exhibiting behavioral changes

Why is it important to need the right teen bra?

teenager bra

For any teenage girl, it is normal to feel embarrassing when wearing a bra for the first time or talking about it. Sometimes parents fail to address age-related concerns and needs on time. The situation becomes worse when kids start acting secretive and feeling irritated. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents to create enough breathing room for their children so that they can come to them freely to pour their heart loud. And one such situation arises when a growing girl develops breasts and feels the need for a bra. However, it is not only about needing one but also about getting the right one!

A right teenager bra is considered ideal for girls hitting a developing stage of puberty. It not only provides your daughters with the right support but also ensures an experience of comfort. Further, it offers a fit that makes the teenage girls feel confident in their peer group. In simple ways, it boosts the confidence of girls to accept the changes that their body is going through at that particular age.

One of the most important things to keep into consideration is to talk before you shop. It is quite significant to tell your daughters about the importance of wearing a bra. It can be a daunting task for parents to figure out the choice of words while discussing it with their children. So, here are some of the tips that can come in handy:

  • Make sure to have a casual and open conversation.
  • Do not turn the conversation into a question-and-answer session as it can further make her feel embarrassing.
  • It is better to shop for a beginner’s bra for her instead of forcing her to shop with you. It is very important to provide her with some time to cope with the situation at her own pace.
  • Do not wait for your daughter to come and talk to you after a long self-struggle. The best way to begin any such conversation is to simply ask her out whether she wants to go lingerie shopping or not.

It is equally important to talk about the advantages of wearing a bra. It is because the first phase of accepting any change is to know how it can help her. So, the following are some of the advantages of girls’ bras that can be listed to make her feel much more comfortable:

  • A promise to offer a secure and confident feeling.
  • Wearing a bra smoothes the outfits and offers a neat look.
  • It provides complete coverage and makes one feel less exposed.
  • It can make her feel comfortable at home, in classrooms, and amidst her friend circle.

While building a platform for mutual talks with your daughter, parents should not forget to note that there are certain things to consider before buying teenagers bras. As teenage bras are available in different sizes, from small to medium to large, they must pick the one depending upon the build of their daughter, keeping in mind the softness and stretchability of the material. Once your daughter passes the trainer bra stage, get her accustomed to regular bras. Also, this time she won’t feel shy to come to you as she felt before. It is quite likely that your daughter starts embracing the journey of becoming a woman.



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