Our eyes and our brows are the beauty of the face. All facial expressions are based on our facial features. Our eyes and brows add the soul to the face. Girls like to keep their eyebrows tamed and threaded properly as it adds a lot of charm to the face. 

Every girl has a different kind of brows. Here, even the actress’s eyebrows have to be plucked or tweezed for proper shape. 

In this article, we shall study some actresses’ eyebrows and what shape they have. After all, it’s the world of glamour and style where they have to maintain their personality and their physical appearance.

Actress Eyebrows as Beauty Inspiration – 

From Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to Selena Gomez and Kylie Jenner; every celeb has a different shape of their eyebrows and they look utterly beautiful as different individuals. Their beauty cannot be matched by anyone. All of them have different eyebrow shapes that suit their face. 

Actresses’ eyebrows have taken the art of shaping eyebrows to new heights. However, it is safe to say that the fashion industry has been rocked by various celebs and their different eyebrow shapes. This has made them look different and equally pretty as others. There has been no comparison. 

Every eyebrow shaper depends on the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a fuller and round face, try to give your eyebrows a soft arch. You can go about to the salon and ask for re-shaping your brows while getting them done. 

However, many B-Town celebs like Kajol gave the confidence that working in this glamorous industry with a bushy unibrow is also She gave us the confidence to stop using tweezers and accept the way our eyebrows naturally look.

Here are the top 12 actresses each with a different style of the brow. You’ll be able to come up with some ideas and pick your favorites from this.

1. Arched Eyebrow:

Arched Eyebrow

Megan Good, a well-known Hollywood star, has beautiful eyebrows that will undoubtedly enhance your appearance and complement your face. They are well-trimmed and have a very curved/arched shape brow. She has well-arched and thin brows which really suit her round and full face. If you need something excessively slim, then, this is the best one for you. 

2. Slightly Arched Eyebrow:

Slightly Arched Eyebrow

Megan Fox is another well-known Hollywood actress with beautiful eyebrows. They are trimmed equally and have the same thickness throughout. Many of them do not like thin brows. The actress eyebrows are slightly arched with proper thickness and fullness. It makes her look like a true style icon and draws all attention to her eyebrows. This deserves to be tried once.

3. Naturally Arched Eyebrow:

Naturally Arched Eyebrow

Many individuals have an unpretentious, regular curve to their foreheads that looks incredible without giving any other shape. Jennifer Anniston seems to have a naturally shaped slight arch to her eyebrows, with proper thickness. All you really want is a little upkeep with a sharp tweezer to remove the extra growth. Do not pluck out anything other than the extras, so as to maintain a natural bushy brow. 

4. Evenly Thick Eyebrow:

Evenly Thick Eyebrow

Kim Kardashian is one of the most famous celebs in Hollywood. She has the largest fan following on social media platforms. Her major section of followers includes small-time and budding influencers and girls mostly. They follow her because of her strong makeup skills and her looks. This includes her eyebrows which have the perfect arch with fuller looks. Dark black and perfectly bushy eyebrows with that perfect arch give that glamorous look to her face profile. 

5. Round Eyebrows:

Round Eyebrows

The arch of a brow does not need to be angular. When the rest of your face has sharper features, a softly rounded shape can sometimes be the most flattering option. One of the famous Bollywood actresses – Anushka Sharma is one such example who has uniform round eyebrows. Round eyebrows do not suit everyone. It is a very tricky shape that every girl cannot carry with charm and grace. 

We rarely see Anushka committing fashion faux pas including her make-up. She also always remembers to shape her eyebrows. They are stunning and slim with a slight curve to them.

6. Straight Eyebrows:

Straight Eyebrows

She is one of the most followed Indian celebs. Be it her simple life or glamorous lifestyle, people are always crazy to know her details like her dress deets and her daily life routine. Her makeup game is so strong that she doesn’t put any effort to look pretty. This includes her naturally straight eyebrows. Many of you would be surprised to know that she has never gotten her brows done in any salon. They are naturally straight with proper shape and are bushy. 

7. Acrh with Tapered Eyebrows:

Acrh with Tapered Eyebrows

The inner two-thirds of a tapered brow, like the “arch toward the tail,” is noticeably thicker than the ends. If you love this look but your brows are the same width throughout, you will need to do a lot more maintenance, like getting your face waxed on a regular basis. Priyanka Chopra and Frieda Pinto are such actresses whose eyebrows have that perfect thickness and slightly arched shape. 

8. S-shaped Eyebrows:

S-shaped Eyebrows

An S-shaped brow begins in the middle and gradually descends before ascending into the arch. Emma Watson used to hate her Usually, this happens naturally, and some people try to fix it with makeup and shaping!

9. Barly there Arch Eyebrows:

Barly there Arch Eyebrows

Another Hollywood beauty who has made sure that not only her acting skills are great but her eyebrows are too. She has those perfectly bushy and slightly arched eyebrows – with a nice and subtle curve at the end. 

10. Short and Thick Eyebrows:

Short and Thick Eyebrows

One actress’s eyebrows that are perfectly bushy and short is Cara. She is blessed with naturally thick and bushy eyebrows – seems that she hasn’t got it done anyway. These short and bushy eyebrows give her face a perfect look. 

11. Long and Tapered at the end:

Long and Tapered at the end

Singer and celebrity Nicole has got those perfect extra-long-tailed eyebrows. Her eyebrows are always shaped to perfection. Thin eyebrows that are long and tapered at the edges look stunning on her face. 

12. Extra Long Tail/Dramatically Arched:

Extra Long Tail/Dramatically Arched

She’s got those dramatically arched eyebrows. Women with round faces try to style their eyebrows like this. Thicker from the inwards and getting a dramatic or high arched towards the edges is how such eyebrows are set. 

Conclusion – 

You should consider the shape of your face before you opt to get any shape done on your eyebrows. If you are one with very thin eyebrows or if your eyebrow hair is too scarce, you can consider microblading or eyebrow tinting done at the nearest salons.



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