When you are a new mother who is planning to breastfeed her baby, you need to think about the logistics of the process. 

After all very few everyday tops, dresses, or even shirts are suitable for nursing, meaning that it is likely that you will need to have a bit of a wardrobe upgrade. For many new moms, this can feel a bit like an unnecessary hassle; why can’t you simply pull your tank top down to feed your baby? In short, when it comes to buying a nursing top, there is a bit more to it than simple accessibility.

Here are some of the things that you need to know when it comes to choosing a nursing top.

Do You Need A Nursing Top?

You may not want to add to your purchasing list for your new baby by adding a nursing top to it. However, there is no way around it; they do make life easier!

Nursing tops for breastfeeding allow you (and your baby) easy access to your boobs whenever your baby is hungry and, if you are a bit self-conscious, they can also help you to feel comfortable with the process. 

Many nursing tops are also designed with a bit more padding around the bust, in case of milk leakage, help when feeling a bit self-conscious while out and about. 

Designs Of Nursing Tops

When you think of a standard top and getting your boob out to feed your infant, you may have to lift it or pull it down.

Nursing tops are a lot more discrete. For instance, many of the most popular nursing tops allow access via clips at the side of the top (under the armpit), and others allow you to wrap the top around and secure them with a knot. Some have draped necks, or drape buttons, which allow the material to be pulled to one side for faster access. In some cases, you can even get tops that are double-layered, so the top can be lifted and the panel moved.

Best Materials

It is an irritant for many women who are nursing their babies that they develop rashes or even thrush around their nipples. This can be due to the material of the bra itself, or even the top that you are wearing.

For comfort, breathability, and of course, discouraging rashes and fungal issues, aim to get a nursing top that is made from cotton, bamboo, or even hemp, as these are all-natural materials that allow water and other liquids to evaporate.


As mentioned before, most nursing bras will allow moms to wear breast shields, or may even have them built-in, which will stop milk leakage from leaving marks. You will want to ensure that the bust area itself is supported by a nursing bra if possible, which will also have space for nipple shields or extra layers of breathable materials.

Do Nursing Tops Last?

Nursing tops are built to last and provided they are made from materials that are hardy (like cotton), once you finish nursing your baby, you will still be able to wear them out and about. 



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