So it’s time to start shopping for a new baby. You have a long list of things to buy, so where should you start?

After you have the essentials, you need to pick up some clothing for the new arrival. You’re going to need at least one baby bodysuit for day one (tip: you’ll need more later).

But why are baby bodysuits so important? Keep reading to learn more.

1. They’re Quick

Baby bodysuits are popular for a reason. Whether you call them rompers or onesies, these little one-piece clothing items are perfect for a quick change. 

There will be days when you’re willing to spend a lot of time getting your child dressed. You’re going to spend plenty of time on figuring out matching outfits, doing your baby’s hair, finding the perfect shoes, and so on. 

Those days are going to be few and far between, especially once you get the hang of parenthood and dressing your baby turns into a mundane activity.

There’s nothing faster than putting your baby in a onesie and calling it a day. The best baby bodysuits are cute enough to be “day clothes” and you don’t have to go through the effort of assembling an entire outfit. 

Trust us, you’ll want to take advantage of this. 

2. They’re Comfortable

When it comes to finding baby clothes, you’re going to need to consider comfort. Babies won’t tolerate scratchy fabrics as easily as adults will. They need to be cozy and comfortable at all times. 

Baby bodysuits are perfect for this. There aren’t any uncomfortable seams, there’s nowhere for the fabric to dig into the baby’s skin, and they can either be warm enough or cool enough for the weather (depending on the type of onesie that you choose for your baby). 

If you pick a onesie made from organic material, like the onesies from Hanna Andersson baby clothes, you’ll have an even comfier option.

3. They’re Easy to Clean

Let’s face it: babies are messy. All of your baby clothes should be washer-friendly. The best baby bodysuits are quick and easy to clean in conventional washing machines. 

You’re going to go through a lot of bodysuits. There’s a reason for that. Any experienced parent knows that it’s easy to quickly remove a onesie from the baby and throw it into the wash before the baby even knows what’s happening. 

Did the baby spit up? Get paint everywhere? Have an accident? No problem, onesies are there to save the day. 

4. They’re Great for Diaper Changes

Some baby clothes make diaper changes a hassle. There are so many layers, buttons, and zippers that make it impossible to change your baby’s diaper before they start to get cranky.

Now you have a baby that is both wet and angry. 

Baby bodysuits are perfect for quick diaper changes. It might seem counterintuitive. After all, the bodysuit covers the baby from their neck to their feet.

Good baby bodysuits have buttons or zips that make it easy for you to change the baby without having to remove everything. This also means that your baby can stay cozy.

5. They Make Great Sleeping Clothes

When you have a newborn baby (or even an older baby), you want to make sure that all clothing is comfortable clothing. Your baby needs a lot of sleep and you don’t want clothes to get in the way of naptime.

Baby bodysuits and onesies are perfect for playing and naptime. Whether your baby is exploring the world or they’re ready to doze off in their rocker, a onesie is the perfect choice.

Make sure that you have a variety of lightweight onesies for when you put your baby to bed. You want to make sure that your baby doesn’t overheat while they’re sleeping. 

If you choose cute baby bodysuits that also look like dayclothes, it’s easy to pick your baby up from naptime and get out into the world without having to change their baby clothes. 

6. They’re Cost-Effective

As we mentioned before, you’re going to need a lot of baby bodysuits. Babies make messes and they grow quickly. Within the first year, your baby may go through dozens of onesies (if not more).

Companies that manufacture baby clothes know that. They make sure that baby onesies are affordable enough that parents can continue keeping their children clothed and warm throughout their infancy. 

Stock up on baby bodysuits and leave the fancy and expensive clothing for special occasions.

7. They Make Great Hand-Me-Downs

Your baby won’t be a baby forever. All of those onesies that you stocked up on during their first year are going to have to go somewhere when your baby reaches toddlerhood. What are you going to do with them?

Because everyone needs baby bodysuits, they’re easy to offload on other people. There are always new parents looking for onesies on the various local buy and sell pages. You may have friends or family members who are in need of them.

Baby bodysuits are often gender-neutral, so anyone looking for baby girl bodysuits will often take a baby boy bodysuit if it’s available. As long as the onesie is in good condition, it will be appreciated. 

One Baby Bodysuit? No Way — Buy Plenty of Baby Bodysuits

Don’t stop at one baby bodysuit. These special little clothing items are going to be life-savers as your baby goes through their infancy. They’re easy to clean, easy to throw on, and comfortable enough to keep your baby happy all day and night.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or for someone else, put onesies at the top of your list.

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