Matching your lipstick color with your outfits and your skin can be quite a hectic battle. There are a million shades available, how do you possibly choose one that makes you look the best? Do you want to go for a bold statement, and get a dark shade, or do you want to keep it light and breezy? Do you want to buy lipstick in a popular store such as Sephora, or do you rather shop in smaller stores? choosing lipstick colors is though, no wonder women spend so much time doing that!

If you have dark, black hair, however, we are here to make your job that much easier. We have tried and tested a few lipstick shades that will make you look the most gorgeous, and here they are.

Hot pink

Bold colors are great for women with dark, jet-black hair. Going for red, or more popularly, hot pink color is perhaps the best choice you could make here. A matte or high gloss finish would look the best, and paired with a darker lip liner, this would make your lips pop even more.

Hot Pink lipstick colors

This shade looks even more gorgeous on light skin and dark-haired combos, so if you feel you’re fair enough, do give this shade a try!

1. Mauve

If you have black hair, almost raven-colored, then mauve lips are a great suit for you. Mauve is a soft shade and adds a real touch of class to your makeup. It feels almost romantic if applied correctly and paired with the right finish.


Celebrities like Olivia Munn have been seen rocking this look, so what’s to say that it won’t look good on you?

2. A form of red shade

If you have dark eyes to go with your dark hair, then a shade of red is perfect for the look that you’d like to achieve. For everyday wear, a muted red with brown undertones suits the situation very well.

A form of red shade

If you’re going for a bolder, more pronounced look, then go for a crimson-esque shade. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna offers a great red shade in this regard; consider purchasing it if you have dark eyes and dark hair.

3. Wine/chocolate shade

These darker shades are perfect for women who have black hair and have deep skin tones to go with the black hair. Any shade within the berry, chocolate or wine range will look fantastic on you.

Wine/chocolate shade

If you’re looking for a bolder look, then be sure to try a matte pastel in the same color range as the lipstick you chose.

4. Bubblegum pink

This softer shade of pink goes best if you have curly hair (pro tip; if you want curly hair, an automatic curling iron works best!) and blue eyes. The blue eyed-black haired women should stay away from warm hues. Therefore a softer pink shade works best for them.

Bubblegum pink

If your skin tone is a bit deeper, then you can go for a matte finish.

5. Orange-red shades

If you have olive skin, avoid using lighter colors. Go for plums, orange-corals or orange-red shades, since they bring out the beauty of the olive skin underneath. This type of skin is perhaps the best for black-haired women since a wide variety of lipstick shades go really well.

Orange-red shades

A semi-matte orange-red lipstick, Nars in Heat Wave, will look stunning, no doubt. Also, make sure to avoid anything with a pearly cast, as it drains the natural skin tones of the olive skin.

6. Purple Hues

If you’re looking to do something outside the box, pair your natural black hair with bold, purple or violet hues. For instance, if you have naturally green eyes, or wear green contacts, then the purple will really make your eyes pop.

Purple Hues

Keeping in mind the exact shade of your hair, you can go for violet or purple hues, whichever you prefer.

Black hair? Can’t choose a lipstick color? No problem! Just choose one of the seven mentioned above, and you’ll be looking scintillating in no time!



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