As you age, you become more confident and secure about yourself. You begin to give less weight to
what other people think and focus more on what you want. Coming into your own is beautiful and will
make people take you seriously. Your opinions and thoughts hold more weight in your office and home
with your family. These are some of the best aspects of becoming mature.
However, figuring out your style as your age progresses can be a little tricky for people. You cannot go
on dressing as you did in your teenage or twenties. Some changes need to be made to bring out the new
you for the world to see, the one who is more poised, sophisticated, and learned. Here are a few tips to
figure out how to keep your style fresh as you age.

Recognize how your lifestyle change may warrant a wardrobe change

It is probably true that after a certain age, you don’t go out partying as much as you did in your twenties.
Your idea of a fun weekend has changed drastically from clubbing and partying to a quiet dinner party or
a game night at home with your friends. You might have worked your way up the ranks at work and held
a more respectable position where you lead the younger members of your team.

These changes mean that your old wardrobe needs to be upgraded to include more sophisticated styles
than funky and wild. Even your accessories will need to be transformed to look like you belong wherever
you go. Try to refine your style by strategically adding diamond cuts or stones to your accessories. If you
want to check out a beautiful collection of such jewelry, visit and
find your pick! Play around and experiment a little, of course, but take care not to veer too much off the

Dress to reflect who you are

The earlier years of our lives are usually spent trying to impress people or project a certain image. We
don’t know who we are yet and are still figuring out our place in the world. Hence, younger people dress
to show the world they wish they were. We figure out who we are as we age, and our style should
reflect that. We should use our outfits to express our personalities and not care much about other
people’s opinions. You will find out that, luckily, not caring what other people think comes to you
naturally as the year progress.

Identify your body shape.

It is no secret that over the years, our bodies have gone through some monumental changes. No matter
how much you exercise or how healthy you eat, your body will change with time. It is possible that what
used to look good on you might not flatter you anymore as time passes. The reason might be that your
body shape has changed. It can be tricky to learn to dress a new body shape after dressing another, for
the most part, whole life. Firstly, you need to identify your body shape and learn what kind of cuts and
stitching will flatter your new figure. For example, people with apple body shapes should dress in a way
that brings attention to their legs, while people with inverted triangle shapes should dress to enhance
their arms and shoulders.

Dress up instead of dressing down

In your twenties, wearing a plain T-shirt with jeans can look effortlessly cool and mysterious, but the
same outfit won’t cut it twenty years later. On a forty-year-old, a T-shirt and jeans can look dull, like
they have given up on looking beautiful. So as you get older, you need to start dressing up a little.
Instead of T-shirts, start wearing collared blouses. Instead of cotton, try wearing silk shirts. Layer them
with tailored jackets instead of baggy cardigans to achieve a more sophisticated look. Even if you’re
wearing casual clothes, making sure they’re vibrant in color and rich in texture can go a long way.

Become familiar with the evolving makeup styles

While makeup is ageless, its techniques are not. Those colors and products we loved in our twenties
may no longer fit our vanities a decade later. Our collections will change as we age, which is a good
In your teens, you may be able to flaunt one red lipstick. However, as you grow, your skin changes. You
may need products to conceal the under-eye area that has darkened with the growing responsibilities.
Additionally, you need to discover new makeup techniques to know what’s trending. 
As you near your forties, you should use makeup tricks to enhance your features. Apply foundation
sparingly and not neglect the neck. If you have clear skin on parts of your face, skip the foundation

altogether in those areas. Use lipsticks that boast a hydrating formula so that lip lines are not as visible.
Choose a warmer blush and be very mindful of its placement.
Similarly, use warmer tones of highlighter and only apply it to your upper cheekbones. Use a product for
color correction of any red areas or dark circles. Swap out liquid eyeliners and dark eye shadows in favor
of kohl pencils and neutral eye shadows for a soft, smudged look. Most importantly, be kind to your skin
and incorporate retinoid and vitamin C serums in your skincare routine.

Learn to love the silver in your hair

Your hair turning silver is a natural part of aging and can sometimes happen to younger people. The
good news is that the days of shaming anyone who showed even a hint of silver are gone. These days,
silver hair is considered a badge of merit that reflects a person’s wisdom and grace.
Many Hollywood divas are flaunting their naturally silver hair without any hair dye. This is good for your
hair as chemicals in hair dyes can be harmful. The key to rocking silver hair is to style it beautifully and
get regular haircuts. Silver hair is prone to frizz, so ensure you condition them regularly.


Looking fresh as you age does not have to be tricky if you follow a few simple guidelines. Change your
wardrobe according to your lifestyle changes and start dressing up a little as the years’ progress. Dress
to show others who you are, not who you wished you were. Identify your body shape and dress
accordingly. Flaunt your silver hair instead of dyeing them to look younger. Don’t try to adopt a new
style or radically change your fashion sense when you’re in your middle age but rather play inside your
comfort zone. Most importantly, dress in a way that makes you feel sophisticated and looks good on



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.
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