The way your hair feels influences your mood and emotions. A good hair day can leave you confident and hopeful. That is why making every day a good hair day is crucial. So check out these effective hair hacks that will promise you a healthy and happy hair day, all day, every day. 


Deep Dive Into The Power Of Oils 

Oils are the magic elixirs that can promise a healthy scalp and fabulous hair locks. The right combination of oils can combat hair loss problems, improve texture and add luster to the hair strands. So how exactly should you use hair oils? 


Well, massaging oil on the scalp at least 30 minutes before a wash can be useful. It helps to retain the natural oil balance in the scalp even after shampooing, which is healthy. You can use natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil to moisturize the hair. 

Massaging powerful oils like CBD overnight can also have exceptional benefits for hair growth and nourishment. The oil contains a cocktail of nutrients and hydrating ingredients like omega fatty acids, vitamin E that can bring abundant benefits. You can have CBD gummies to relish its benefits. 

2.  Learn The Right Way To Cleanse 

The first step towards achieving gorgeous locks that are healthy and shiny is to learn the right way to wash them. But wait, what exactly is the right way to wash your hair? Well, starting with the temperature, say no to using hot water on your scalp. Steamy showers are soothing and comforting. But they also strip off essential oils from your scalp and dry out the follicles, leaving a dull look on you. Lukewarm water best suits your hair, especially if it is oily, to cleanse the scalp mildly. 

Next, wash only your scalp with shampoo. Apply the product without creating circular motions to avoid tangling the hair strands. Lather the shampoo on the scalp and let it run down the shaft to wash your hair completely. Use a scalp scrub on alternate washes if you feel like there is too much deposit on your scalp.

3. Create A Fuller Look With Ease

Getting a fuller look no matter the hairstyle is everyone’s hair dream. If you are struggling to create a voluminous ponytail, then try this simple trick to get the perfect look. 

  1. Create a half ponytail using the hair over the ears and secure it with an elastic. 
  2. Make another ponytail using the remaining hair and secure it right below the previous one. 
  3. Tuck the lower ponytail below the hair from above to give a perky look. 

Another simple hack for a fuller look is teasing the hair. But instead of teasing it together, part the hair into sections and tease each of the parts individually to elevate the volume. To cover up any visible scalp, use eyeshadow the same color as your hair and mildly blend it on the scalp. It will create a flawless illusion of a fuller scalp. 

4. Fix A Bad Hair Day Without A Wash 

Bad hair days are an excruciating experience to navigate. The horrors of fixing up a greasy, oily, dirty scalp into any hairstyle are just a lot of work. And no matter how much you try, the final look is never satisfying. Naturally, your hair could use some shower time to get back to its natural, cleansed state. But if you do not have a lot of time in hand, then dry shampoo can be an easy route to escape this greasy nightmare. 


Simply spray some dry shampoo on the scalp and use your fingers to gradually rub it around. It will instantly absorb the oil and create a voluminous finish. If you are out of dry shampoo, you can use cacao powder or talcum powder for a quick fix. Now create a high ponytail and secure it with a butterfly clip right under the hair tie to get a fresh and perfect finish even on a bad hair day. 

5. Heat Free Styling 

Experimenting with hairstyles and tools can be quite exciting. But it is important to keep in mind that these tools and products can have a toll on the hair. Using heat-free hacks to create waves and curls can be a healthy way to have fun with your hair. 

For effortless beachy waves, 

1. Wet hair mildly and apply a serum. 

2. Using a t-shirt, scrunch the hair towards your scalp. Repeat a few times, and make sure you work your fingers all the way into your hair as much as possible. 

3. Place your finger down and wrap small sections of your hair around it like a curling iron clip and hold each time for 10 seconds before you release. 

Your fabulous beachy waves are now ready to rock. 

For flowy curls,

1. Dampen your hair and apply a serum. 

2. Separate your hair into sections. 

3. Clip a sock at one end of a section and wrap your hair around it. Twist this into a bun and secure it with a clip. Repeat for each section and wait till your hair completely dries. 

4. Remove the socks and spread a drop of oil on your hands to slowly unwind the larger clumps without combing. 

Your seamless curls are ready to flaunt. 

6. Tame Hair Easily 

Flyaways can ruin the perfect finish to your hairstyle. A simple trick to keep away flyaways is to use hairspray on a mascara brush or baby toothbrush to slowly comb back the small hair. Another useful hack to achieve similar results, especially if there is static, is through the dryer sheet. Smooth the sheet over, and you will easily get a static-free style. Also, switch your pillowcase to a smooth silk satin cover to reduce static, causing your hair to go erratic. 


Just like flyaways, split ends can also give a bad finish to your hair. Take a drop of coconut oil and rub it on the split ends to smoothen it out. You can also use a leave-in conditioner in a similar manner for flawless hair. 


Well, use a dry spray solution to cover up the gray roots without causing the scalp to feel sticky or oily. You can also use eye shadow if the graying is only visible in small portions. Remember to blend the spray slightly along the length as well to get a good finish. Use these wonderful hair hacks to enjoy a fabulous hair day every day. 



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