There are several benefits to using Direct To Garment (DTG) printing to print your own custom T-shirts and clothing instead of conventional techniques like screen printing. Whatsoever your purpose for printing T-shirts, it’s worth looking at the advantages of the DTG Printer.

The following 10 reasons why DTG printing may be suitable for you are meant to get you started, but if you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact our printing specialists now.

Full-colour printing

It is pretty comparable to a home or office printer for DTG printing. It is possible to make magnificent full-colour graphics with this approach by printing the ink straight into the fabric (two passes if printing onto dark clothes). Instead of reducing the complexity of your design or eliminating particular colours to stay within your budget, you may have it printed in its entirety.

Setup time and expenditures are reduced to a minimum:

Separate screens aren’t necessary to ensure exact replication of your ideas since the garment is run via a printer linked to a computer. When employing DTG printing, there is very no setup other than the first artwork file (and the maintenance necessary to keep the machine running flawlessly).

Because no screens or other setup is required with DTG, the printing process is much less expensive for you, which means lower setup expenses for you. Printed clothes need less time to make since your artwork file is printed straight onto the item of clothing. DTG printing is one of the fastest ways of printing. All these factors contribute to cost savings, making it a viable option for those exploring the costs to start a printing business.

There are no minimum purchases:

With Direct To Garment printing, you just need to set up a single T-Shirt in the printer and then print your design directly on it. This makes it ideal for printing T-shirts in small batches. If you want to start your own T-Shirt company, this gives you the option of producing your shirts as customers order them.

You may use DTG to print goods for your next marketing campaign, stag or hen dos, birthday celebrations or charity events, or even raise money for a good cause. As a result, no matter how large or little your printing order is, DTG has you covered!

For internet sales, it’s a great fit:

If you want to start a T-shirt company where you can sell your own designs, DTG is the ideal printing option since it doesn’t need a minimum order quantity. This means that there are no upfront charges, and you just need to buy the printing after you have the T-shirt. Thus there are no upfront costs.

For example, you may generate more money for yourself or your firm without incurring hefty startup expenditures.

The printing method that is environmentally friendly:

Because our DTG printers utilize water-based inks, they are perfectly safe and ecologically friendly for printing on white T-shirts. These stronger chemicals aren’t sustainable and may hurt the environment. If you care about the environment as much as we do here at Garment Printing, then DTG printing is the ideal printing method for your clothing. We can’t use water-based inks since we require a coating on top of black or coloured materials.

Prints with the most detail available  

You’ve probably taken a photo and wondered whether it would look well on a T-shirt. Do you have any images that you believe would look great on clothing right now? Fortunately, DTG enables us to print any design onto a T-shirt in full colour just as it appears on your phone’s camera or camera. This means that we can print every last pixel of your fantastic photo and transfer it to a T-Shirt so you can show it off to the world.

So, if you’re seeking to print a gift for friends or family, this is the ideal printing method since you can take a picture of them and have it printed on a T-Shirt which makes the perfect present and shows how much care you’ve put into it.

Customized apparel and accessories are a popular alternative for companies and marketers that want to convey a message or identity.

It might be challenging to go through all options because of the material, quantity, number of colours, turnaround time, and budget. Direct-to-garment printing on cotton clothing is known for its finely detailed short-run prints. Direct-to garment printing is a low-cost method that offers a wide range of customization choices for fashion labels and businesses needing personalized apparel. Because digital photos can be used, you can quickly design a shirt or bag using software, submit it to a supplier’s website, and print the identical design. Accurate replication ensures that you receive a high-quality design every time.



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