5 Timeless Accessories You Need in Your Closet

No matter where you’re going or what you decide to wear in the morning, you can make or break an outfit with the accessories you choose. Whether you’re pulling on a smart-casual outfit for work or you’re going out in your favorite LBD, accessorizing properly will take your ensemble to the next level. Here are five timeless accessories you need in your closet.

Trench Coat

The dependable trench coat is the perfect accessory that can be used all year round. Although it is technically a piece of clothing rather than an accessory, it is an iconic item that should feature in everyone’s closet. This simple garment is traditionally made out of heavy-duty waterproof fabric, and it should be belted and have utilitarian features. A classic trench coat can be worn over many different outfits. It is as great for keeping you dry during a walk around the park as it is for helping you look fashionable on a first date.

Trusty Clutch

Every woman needs a trusty clutch bag to accessorize an outfit. Clutches are small bags that are designed to be the ideal size for your essentials and can help your ensemble look more put together. From evening gowns to smart-casual daytime outfits, a clutch will add to the appearance of your outfit. If a clutch bag comes with a detachable handle, it can be worn on the shoulder, or, as the name suggests, it can be held in one hand. Judith Leiber is a luxury American brand that is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. They have a large collection of classic and novelty bags that suit all occasions.

Gold Hoops

A woman’s jewelry collection is probably the most personal part of her closet, as it can reflect both her personality and memorable moments in her life. However, when it comes to classic pieces, a pair of gold hoop earrings are a must for all women’s jewelry boxes. Gold hoops can add some bling to everyday attire, they can help make a casual ensemble more stylish, and they can even be paired with other gold pieces to create a stylized theme for your outfit.

Basic Black Belt

A high-quality belt in basic black is a closet staple that is both functional and fashionable. A standard black belt can be used to keep your trousers or skirt in place, or you can use it around your waist to pull in a dress or a blazer. This practical accessory will help add dimension to your clothes.

Everyday Sunglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

It can be difficult to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. The right pair should complement your face shape, they should be durable, and they should also be in a style that can be worn on all occasions. From covering up dark circles after a night out to protecting your eyes while you’re on vacation in a sunny place, standard sunglasses that can be worn every day are a closet essential.

Make sure to up your accessories game, and you’ll like stylish no matter the time of year!