Content creators love creating amazing content with a sunset effect. They use golden hour most of the time. But most new content creators cannot wait for the golden hour or a perfect sunset/sunrise. 

You can bring changes to your content creation technique and attach yourself with creativity using a sunset lamp. However, there are things to know before buying this type of lamp. 

Read the copy below to know different things about these lamps going viral, especially among TikTok influencers. 

Things To Know About Sunset Lamp

Changing lights and effects

There are multiple sunset lamps available online. For example, one provides LED projection light; the other has a rainbow 90-degree effect on the wall or screen. 

The rainbow effect is best for creating cool night scenes. The sunset LED light helps create a soothing mood in the room it lights. This could be ideal for spending cozy times with your loved ones. 

You can also choose a lamp that projects different lights at once on the screen. This could be for creating very creative and innovative scenes. For example, you can create a beachy mood or ambiance in your room or studio for clicking awesome pictures or publishing reels. 

Check the price range of the lamp:

The lamps I have searched for online can range anywhere about $25 to $200. Those are the decent ones with a projection of sunset light you need at any hour of the day. 

To get more add-ons and extra features in a sunset lamp, you must increase your budget. You can search online for branded lamps if you want. 

But the price range mentioned above should be enough to explore. That is, if you’re a content creator and want to create chill scenes in your favorite room.

Make sure to purchase what is trending amongst these lamps:

See, lamps can add really cosmetic and aesthetic value to your videos and content. But digitally, the trend is changing every other day. Some days, lamps go viral; other days, you need to try something else. 

So, the best possible solution before investing in lamps is to catch up on the trend. Check your followers and following list on the content-creating platforms. Observe how others are using sunset lamps in their content. 

Accordingly, conduct your research for the next sunset lamp you want to purchase and use. This way, you won’t stay back in creating awesome content, alone or with your special ones. 

Focus on smart features of the lamp:

Some lamp manufacturers contribute to the planet by sharing 1% of sales revenue for planting trees in Canada and the USA. It makes you feel proud of yourself when using such sunset projection lamps. 

Other features or bonus points of some lamps include integration with your smartphones. So, you can turn up or tone down the intensity of the LED light projecting off the lamps using their apps on your phone. 

These lamps show that the color is not their USP. What matters while using such lamps is their durability and usability. The price range of such lamps is also most reasonable. 

Then there are other lamps with two or more stands. You can buy them for better and strong footing. That is when you’re shooting in a windy or crowded area and do not want to disrupt your shoot. 

Check for brightness, adjustability, and size:

The last thing to notice, read, or research about sunset lamps must be their size, adjustability, and brightness. These are important factors when buying a lamp like that for your content or mood influencing needs. 

First, check why you need such a lamp. Don’t go for taller ones if you need a study table lamp.

If you want to go for model/influencer shoots, try buying taller lamps with adjustable height features. This way, you can adjust the height and coverage of the lamp whenever required. 

The brightness is also another important point here. A lamp should be treated as an alternative to natural light. But keep in mind, it’s not the natural light ever, irrespective of its brightness. 

So, when you’re shooting, avoid using the extremely bright light. Otherwise, it will expand the exposure and create a nuisance in the creative shoot. For the best effects, you must only depend on natural light. 



Manisha has always been passionate about writing. She has written her poems, short stories, and articles since her school days. In her professional life, she has worked as a journalist since 2011. Her passion for writing led her to write her debut book, Unhappy Marriage, which gained her many accolades. She currently lives in India.
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