Long, short, rough, or silky hair – there is a variety of hair that different women have. For some people having good hair is natural, and for others, routine care is needed to maintain the hair shine with the help of acai hair oil. Having healthy and shiny hair is a dream of every woman. But, in today’s busy world, all can’t visit a hair salon frequently, give proper care and more time to their hair.

You wake up early, rush to the bathroom, and there is very little time to settle down your hair strands in the right manner. This is the current situation with most working women. If you are the one, then here are the five quick techniques for your hair to make it healthy and better in your busy schedule:

Eat Healthily

Following a healthy diet helps you a lot in getting healthy hair. Your hair is mostly made of protein. So, adding protein-rich food help your hair to grow faster and more robust. Check some foods you can add to your diet:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Egg
  • Beans
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Avocados

These foods are not only a good source of protein but also vitamin E and C present in the right quantity, which helps to boost collagen production, resulting in healthy strands.

Brushing Hair Before A Shower

Brushing down your hair, no matter what texture they possess, is an excellent technique to have healthy hair. Give yourself a minute to detangle strands, and this will allow you to keep them healthy. Brushing helps natural oils to spread on the scalp, which makes your hair smooth and shiny after you take a shower.

Also, ensure that you also take a shower after you went swimming. As chlorinated water weakens your hair, you have to take extra protection while taking a swim and after too.

Get Frequent Hair Trims

If you need long hair that is solid, you have to get regular trims. Clearing the split ends gives way to new hair growing quickly. Most beauticians and celebrity hairstylists suggest removing hair breakage because a split end in hair leads to losing length. It will not only help in growing hair but also add volume and even brings shine with new growth.

Sometimes, you can’t visit the salon frequently so that you can trim down your hair at home also. By following some precautions, you can trim your hair by yourself to get new growth and extra length.

Do Not Shampoo Daily

Shampooing every day with chemical-induced products can make your hair dry. The natural oils of the hair need to be penetrated, eventually making them strong. But, doing regular shampooing does not allow it to penetrate. So, it is better to wash your hair twice or thrice a week with sulphate free shampoo which will enable it to hydrate and repair itself.

Moreover, your shampoo may contain harmful chemicals that can damage the nature of your hair. Or, even makes your scalp dry and causes dandruff. Either way, it is better to avoid such shampoos or do not wash hair so frequently.

Switch Your Old Pillowcase with Silk

Switching your pillow material is a good idea for getting better hair. It helps in reducing the amount of friction or avoiding tangles that result in less breakage. Also, to reduce stress over hair strands, try a low loose braid or loose topknot secured with a silk hairband. Less damage means longer hair.

Even, many dermatologists suggest sleeping over silk pillows to get healthy hair. But for this, taking a good quality pillow is also essential. So, whenever you are going to buy a silk pillowcase, check the quality first.


Today, the pollution and constant use of different shampoos and styling tools can make your hair thin, weak, and dry. Maintaining good health of your hair may be difficult in the busy schedule you have, but by following these easy tips in your daily routine, you can get better hair quality.

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