5 Latest Trends in Sandals for girls that you should ​definitely ​buy for your kids

Once upon a time, as some of us will surely remember, the contrast between adult’s footwear and kids footwear used to be stark. Where the grown-ups’ pieces were chic, up to the minute, and comfortable all at once, it used to be ridiculously difficult to get your hands on anything but cozy yet boring pairs of shoes in the kid’s shoe section that would make even our little girls’ most gorgeous outfits seem dull while depriving them of the latest fads in footwear. 

However, luckily in recent years, things have changed for the better. With the comfort of your tiny tot’s tender and delicate feet still being a priority, it is now possible to find smaller replicas of fancy shoes that you would earlier find only in adult sizes.

Read on for an introduction to some of the trendiest children’s must-haves! 

  • Platform sandals for girls  With the kid’s collection being available in the widest variety of patterns and colours and exceptionally lightweight and flexible soles that spread from toe to heel, these tiny platforms will offer ample support and also go with most of her dresses. These sandals have a buckle or velcro closure so the chances of them coming off while your child jumps, skips, hops and runs are close to none.
  • Gladiator sandals for girls- These laced-up varieties of fancy shoes are among the favourites of every woman and there is no reason that they should not be your daughter’s too. The children’s version of gladiators have soft elastic straps resembling laces and have a zip closure, so they comfortably hold onto the little feet and stay in place.
  • Ethnic sandals for girls It is every mother’s dream to dress her little girl in elegant little traditional outfits, complete with jewellery and matching footwear. The markets offer a plethora of these in shimmering embellishments, floral prints, antic-gold and rose gold colours and materials soft, pliable and flexible enough to offer extra cushioning to kids’ feet. Pair one of these with a comfortable cotton Anarkali, and it will become her favourite outfit in no time!
  • Clogs- Already a favourite among little children as well as parents, these shoes are a perfect pick for daily wear. Made from only the best quality, soft, light but sturdy rubber or croslite bodies, clogs have a backstrap for closure and will fit snugly around your baby’s feet. Dress her up in a tee, shorts or denim overalls, quickly and easily make them slip these on and look how they enjoy the next few hours without any fussing or tantrums. 
  • Formal sandals for girls- Why should adults have all the formals to themselves? Made using high-quality, breathable faux leather and available in formal, dark colours like black, brown and navy, kids formal should definitely be in your child’s shoe rack. When in need of a work-party-semi-informal outfit for your tyke to match with yours, opt for a light frock along with a pair of these and the star of the day is all set to put a smile on everyone’s face with all that irresistible cuteness! 

These sandals for girls available in bold designs and materials suitable for your new baby’s feet will allow them to trot on, win everyone’s hearts and enjoy their days at ease along with helping them get a head start on finding their personal style, which will one day make a crucial part of their individuality. So hurry and grab the best ones from Metro shoes and watch your kid rock all of them in the most adorable manner!