Knit sweaters, pumpkins, and spooky movies are some of the token things that scream fall!

Fall weather is enough to make someone want to cozy up with their favorite blanket and a cup of coffee while planning the perfect apple picking outfit. The best accessory to your fall outfit is a pedicure, of course!

Read on to learn about the best fall pedicure ideas for this year.

Solid Colors

One of the simpler fall pedicure ideas is opting for a solid color that goes with the vibe of the autumn season. Here are some fall colors to keep on your radar when you hit the nail salon or do your nails at home:

  • Deep greens
  • Bright mustards
  • Tonal browns
  • Royal blues
  • Neutrals
  • Deep reds

If you don’t want to go solid, use these colors to come up with your fall pedicure designs.

Floral Designs

Fall pedicure designs come in many different forms. You can use the above colors to create flowers with polish or opt for dried tiny pressed flowers that you can find at your local craft store.

If you use three-dimensional elements of any kind, be sure to seal the pieces with a topcoat.

French Toenails

The french toenail look works with any season especially since the french look has been modernized. Instead of white, you can use any color for a french pedicure.

Step it up a notch and make your big toe stand out from the rest. Your four small toes can take on the french look while the big toe can be a solid color with a cool design.

Halloween Pedicure

What would fall be without a bit of Halloween joy? Whether you like cutesy Halloween looks or want to go all-out scary, showing your festiveness with a pedicure is always a great idea.

Think skulls, pumpkins, ghosts, spooky move characters, etc. You can’t go wrong with this pedicure design idea as long as you make it your own.

If you don’t think you’re artsy enough to draw out these characters on your own, purchase Halloween nail stencils. For all of your other needs, search for at home pedicure tools.

Ombre Toenails

Who doesn’t love a good ombre look whether it’s on your nails or your hair? This season, use some of your favorite fall hues to create an ombre look that everyone is sure to love.

Step it up a notch and add some cute gems to your big toe. On a night out in the warm fall breeze, you’ll be able to show off your look with some shine.

Fall Pedicure Ideas to Try Right Now!

Fall is here and what better time to experiment with some fall pedicure ideas? Pick your favorite autumn colors and create your design that is sure to scream sweater weather has arrived!

Use the designs in this guide or let them inspire you to create your own.

Looking for an outfit to pair your new pedicure with? Check out our other posts on fashion and beauty to gain some insight!

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