It takes significant effort to turn a house into a home. The process includes bringing a room together and modifying its elements to achieve specific style goals while maintaining comfort. There are various factors to consider, ranging from identifying the appropriate paint colors for particular spaces to lighting options and furniture placement.

That’s why you need expert recommendations to determine the best interior design options. The following handy decorating ideas will equip you with the professional tools to transform your new Texas home:

1. Make Good Use of Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in achieving the principles of interior design, including proportion, scale, and emphasis. It influences the mood of a room to attain style and functionality. Lighting also helps enhance or diminish the effect of colors.

Light-colored walls make a room appear more spacious, while darker shades have the opposite effect. Directional lighting can highlight specific fixtures, such as paintings, flower vases, and furniture. Some mirrors and picture frames have in-built lighting to accentuate the wall.

Various types of task-specific lighting options attain the desired functionality while improving esthetics. For instance, wall lights increase the size and length of entryway halls. Remember to make the most of natural light to accomplish the desired illusion of space. Large windows and skylights are perfect for this purpose.

More full-spectrum lighting reduces the crampy feeling associated with darker rooms and close-proximity furniture placement. If your setting lacks natural light, you can still use artificial lighting to create the illusion of more space. Consider including centrally hanging lights, corner lamps, and wall sconces in the design of your new Texas home.

2. Embrace Minimalist Interior Design

As the saying goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Minimalism keeps your space uncluttered while highlighting its attractive architectural features. It typically employs a monochromatic palette, which uses color as an accent.

The minimalist design seeks to create a tranquil space by incorporating plenty of lighting, open floor plans, and simple line furnishings.

It also helps you manage the clutter you might have accumulated over the years before moving into your new Texas home. This design principle includes creating optimal storage for rarely used belongings.

Although color and patterns are not essential aspects of minimalist decor, you can still add dimension to the room in other ways. For instance, you can mix various textures, woven items, and fabrics to increase comfort and break the monotony.

Finally, most new homeowners feel the need to buy new items to fill their space. Although understandable, you must resist the temptation. Before making a purchase, ensure that it will add meaning and purpose to your home.

3. Take the Time to Arrange Your Furniture

The natural inclination for most homeowners is to push furniture against a wall. You can achieve better esthetic and functional results by taking a more measured approach. Room size determines how far you can place your furniture away from the wall.

The more spacious it is, the more options you have to create conversation areas in the center. Your guests and family should be able to interact without shouting or straining to hear each other. Place the chairs and sofas in a way that encourages intimate face-to-face engagements.

For larger rooms, you can create more than one conversation area. It’s also easier to arrange furniture once you identify a focal point. The most obvious examples are entertainment systems and fireplace mantels, although you can also create your own. Your furniture should allow people to move freely and intuitively around the room without bumping or tripping.

Other considerations for furniture placement include adding a matching area rug, coffee table, artwork, and light fixtures. You can bring it all together by using an online floor planner or seeking the opinion of a professional interior designer.

4. Give It Your Personal Touch

You can make your new Texas home unique while deriving inspiration from professional interior designers. The glossy photos you see online should guide you on design principles rather than turn your house into a showroom.

You can spice up the design by incorporating items that have sentimental value, such as family heirlooms. Your eclectic nature means you’re more likely to derive inspiration from several sources, even if you have an overall preference. They include pop culture, favorite travel destinations, online influencers, and relatives.

Your style may fall under more than one interior design spectrum, including:

  • Contemporary or minimalist to bohemian, eclectic, or maximalism.
  • Classic, traditional, to modern, including a mixture of design elements from different eras. 
  • Formal vs. casual.
  • Fabricated vs. organic.
  • Safe or adventurous.

You may opt for different styles for separate parts of your house. It’s advisable to live in your new Texas home for a while before settling on your interior decor style. You’ll have enough time to explore the house and prioritize projects.

5. Use Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are appropriate for increasing your space’s personality, comfort, and visual interest. They range from big pieces such as couches and tables to smaller ones such as books and bowls. Add color or vibrance to the room using well-placed wall paintings and unique artifacts.

Installing pendant lights is another effective way to combine functionality and creativity. For instance, a hanging lantern takes up less space and provides the required lighting while giving the room a unique look.

Other accent pieces include bookshelves, clocks, tapestries, photos, pillows, candles, birdcages, mirrors, and figurines. You may display multiple items together if they have a similar color or theme.

It’s advisable to analyze the proportion and scale of your rooms before picking corresponding accent pieces. This precaution helps you achieve balance and harmony. For example, professional interior designers recommend wall art that takes up 60% to 75% of the free wall space.

Final Thoughts

These interior design tips are bound to bring out the best in your new Texas home. Your family will also enjoy the long-term benefits of personalized home decor. They include optimizing space, enhancing the quality of life, and improving functionality. These projects also amount to upgrades, which increase the overall value of your home. Whatever your style, you can actualize it by studying your space and applying the necessary design principles.



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