Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok — if you’re under 30, you’re on them. Image-based social media aren’t just trending; they’re everything.

It goes without saying that we all want to craft the perfect post. Whether we’re curating our own accounts or building a company brand, it’s all about pairing the right photo with the right editing. But if you’re still stuck using your iPhone’s photo editing tools, you’re keeping yourself from achieving your photo editing dreams.

If so, it’s time to broaden your horizons. The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to start photo editing online.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading — we’ve got the tips to help you get started with online photo editing tutorials. 

Find Tutorials That Fit Your Needs

When you search for “online photo editing tutorials,” you’ll get swamped by a wave of results. You’ll find results for:

  • Professional photography
  • Home photography businesses
  • Personal social media photo editing

Don’t get bogged down by tips and tricks that don’t fit your needs. Search for photo editing online that works for a simple social media graphic. That way, you won’t spend time scrolling through content about Photoshop layers instead of getting the quick tips you need.

But Go a Little Deeper

You might not need to be a pro photographer. However, a little photography theory will help you take your photo editing skills to the next level.

Keep an eye out for tutorials that mention:

  • Histograms
  • Exposure vs brightness
  • White balance
  • Vibrancy vs saturation

Don’t be afraid of online photo editing tutorials that get a little techy. Using an interface to edit photos online will keep it intuitive, so you don’t have to have a Fine Arts degree to operate them. You’ll still get spectacular-looking photos with more consistency than anyone else. 

Make the Most of Photo Collages

If you’re satisfied with your phone’s photo collage feature, think again. An online collage app lets you create collages with:

  • Dynamic/mobile features
  • New font libraries to choose from
  • Cool backgrounds
  • Fun stickers
  • Unique photo effects

Whether you want to edit photos online for personal use or to create stunning professional graphics, collages are indispensable. They can fit any mood, from polished and profesh to funky and aesthetic. This is one photo editing tool you’ll want to have under your belt. 

Find the Online Photo Editing Tutorials that Work for You

Today, photo editing is what good table manners or typing were to our grandmothers — a skill that sets you apart and makes your personal and professional life just a bit easier. 

Don’t limit yourself to a clunky in-house photo editing tool. There are so many photo editors online that you can play with and discover. All it takes is finding the right online photo editing tutorials, and with this article, that’s a breeze!

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