Wearing stylish jewelry is a great way to elevate an outfit and make you feel confident.

Are you looking to instill confidence, upgrade your wardrobe, and show yourself some self-love? Buying a new bracelet is the perfect way to do all three!

Whether you’re expanding your everyday jewelry collection or buying a bracelet for a special event, it pays off to do your research. Here are 3 tips for buying women’s bracelets.

Tip #1: Choosing the Correct Size 

The perfect fit depends on the type of bracelet you’re wearing. You should be able to fit one or two fingers underneath a chain bracelet and it should move slightly around your wrist. Rigid bangles should fit over your wrist easily, but mustn’t slip off on their own.

When fitting a bracelet, measure just below the wrist bone. Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of paper to mark the size. 

The most common chain or link bracelets are 7.2 inches long. The most common bangle size is 2.55 inches in diameter. 

Tip #2: Find the Right Style 

To get the most out of your jewelry piece, choose a versatile design that fits your individual style.  For some, this means a flashy women’s diamond bracelet such as a tennis bracelet. For others, this means choosing something simple and understated, like a simple chain. 

If you aren’t looking for an everyday piece, look for a bracelet you can still get several wears out of. Don’t go for something that will only match one of your fancy dresses and no others! Luxury jewelry can still be versatile and multi-faceted.

When choosing between 14K gold and Italian sterling silver, opt for the metal you wear most often. This ensures you have earrings and necklaces to match your gorgeous new bracelet! If you want your bracelet to sparkle like the stars, choose gems or stones in colors you wear frequently to make the piece as wearable as possible. 

Tip #3: Find Inspiration 

When figuring out what type of bracelet you want to get, there’s no shame in turning to the internet for inspiration! Here are some places you can find stunning bracelet inspo:


The best place to find inspiration of any kind is Pinterest! Look at people’s jewelry boards or create your own. By collecting pictures of bracelets you like, you’ll start to see trends in the images. Is a sterling silver bracelet the most common theme? Or are you seeing a women’s gold bracelet in your future? The trends in your Pins give you a strong starting point for your next jewelry shopping trip!

Best Seller Lists

Some jewelry websites have hundreds of bracelet options for you to look through. If you find the number of products overwhelming, filter by popularity or check their bestseller list. By looking through the most popular pieces, like these bestsellers on romadesignerjewelry.com, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love. 


Part of being a celebrity is staying ahead of fashion trends. Look at the pieces your favorite celebrities are wearing at home, awards shows, or premiers. This will also give you a guide on the best pieces to wear with your bracelet to make an eye-catching set. 

Purchase the Best Women’s Bracelets Today 

Whether you’re a gold or silver lady, there are women’s bracelets to suit your unique sense of style. Hopefully, you now know exactly how to look for the perfect bracelet to complete your next outfit! 

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