Ready to leave behind your cozy sweats for the great outdoors?

For most, 2021 was a quiet year of hope, self-reflection, and a focus on the simpler things in life. But with winter drawing to a close and life returning to normal, it’s time to breathe some life again into your closet.

The best fashion trends of 2022 point to more relaxed formal wear for transitioning back to office life.

Bold closet pieces are also set to dominate, as social calendars fill up to make up for the last two years. So expect to see cardigans in playful colors and glitzy pieces for some dance floor mayhem.

Neutrals and muted palettes might have been the look for the last few years, but this is set to change – with clothing trends reflecting the mood of happier times ahead. Although life outside has been put on hold for far too long.

Life outside might have been on hold, but now it’s time to emerge from the darkness and inject some soul into your closet with these 12 on-point style trends.

1. Fancy Sweatsuit

If you’re not quite ready to give up on the loungewear then try upgrading to a fancy sweatsuit. Opt for classic brushed cotton or hybrid fabrics that are not only sustainable but high performance.

Materials designed to wick moisture and stay dry will keep you fresher for longer, so it might not be a bad idea to swap out those grubby sweatpants for a more refined sweatsuit.

Multifunctional loungewear can also help you cut down on the amount of clothing you own. Just remember to choose fabrics that are both comfortable and functional to take you from the couch to the gym with not so much as an outfit change.

Let’s be honest, sweatsuits are here to stay and life won’t ever be the same again.

2. Denim

Denim never goes out of style and what better way to celebrate than to double up those layers. Couple denim jeans with a tie dye shirt and make it work by contrasting the color tones for some variation.

Ankle swingers are out so forget rolling up your jeans this year and go for long denim that covers the ankles. Full-length denim was the classic look more than a decade ago and it seems to be making a comeback.

This is not the year to be showing off your dainty ankles, so cover them up and add some length with some longer denim jeans. It’s best to go for a more relaxed-fitting style rather than anything too tight like skinny jeans.

Black might have been the most popular, but blue is back. Go for indigoes and darker hues, but keep away from anything that’s too light like stonewashed denim.

3. Varsity Jackets

With personalized embroidered patches, your varsity jacket will stand out! You can get your patches customized from 4incustompatch. These jackets are versatile; you may wear them during sports week as well as any casual day or theme night as a college cheerleader, and they will complement any of your attire.

Layer on top of anything from turtleneck sweaters and dress shirts to slacks and sneakers. Whether you want to keep the look dapper or more towards athleisure, the varsity jacket is ideal for any style.

4. Button Up Polo Shirts

From Boss to Lacoste, find your polo shirt fix with these top brands for men.

The obsession with dad jeans, dad bods, and dad dressing shows no signs of stopping. And now the polo shirt is having its moment again. Polo shirts were never synonymous with sexy, but add in a splash of 70s cool and you have yourself a new flavor of polo.

You might be thinking that it’s time to pull out the old polo, but this is not the same. Jazzy colors, button-up polos, retro vibes, and fresh patterns are this season’s choice. More street style than tennis courts, but it shouldn’t stop you from scoring some style points if that’s where you’re headed.

5. Casual Tailoring

It’s time to loosen up that business casual shirt for work, as the new wave of workwear is replacing those plain grey suits for something more playful. This season’s suits are relaxed fitting and comfortable to wear in the lounge or at work.

Expect to see oversized workwear in lighter cotton and silks in clean silhouettes. Wider trousers and a looser tailoring style make it easy to wear in casual settings but still formal enough for a work environment.

Top style tips for this season’s soft tailoring point towards picking wrinkle-resistant fabrics, so avoid linens to keep your suit looking pristine. Hybrid fabrics tend to be less susceptible to stains and are machine washable, which is a good choice for suits in lighter colors like pastels.

Stick with the classic two-piece suit or swap with jeans and a pair of brogues for a smart casual look. Don’t be afraid to wear sneakers with a full suit, as the looser style of tailoring makes it a great match with a pair of Vans.

For the more adventurous, jewel-toned suit styles make for a striking look that is sure to get you some attention.

6. Luxury Topcoat

Every man needs a luxury coat to complete his closet and to finish an outfit. The puffer jacket might keep you warm but it’s the statement coat that turns heads.

If you’re under the impression that all you need is one coat, then sorry to disappoint, but that is a false truth. Because the worst mistake that you can make is to let an outfit down with a poorly styled topcoat.

For everyday wear, a beautiful wool coat in camel or navy is the most popular choice because of its timeless style. The trench coat also remains a staple for cool and drizzly weather.

If you’re on the shorter side then the classic belted trench coat is the better option, but for those that need a bit more breathing space, a straight cut trench will do just fine.

7. Bold Sweaters

Cozy sweaters are seeing brighter days in bold patterns, fluffy knits, and funky colors. Perfect for keeping out the cold, the sweater can add some weight to a slim body and accentuate larger frames. It’s also one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that can help break up an outfit.

Eye-catching sweaters in psychedelic colors will put the focus on your upper body, so keep the rest of your clothing in simple colors. The sleeveless 70s style sweater is currently seen everywhere and can be worn on its own or layered.

Shoppers with a taste for vintage will find many retro styles and old skool colorways to choose from. Modern takes on the sleeveless sweater are another option if you’re leaning more towards a contemporary look.

8. Statement Sandals

A great pair of sandals are essential footwear for jet setters and sun worshippers.

Statement sandals should not be mistaken for a pair of hiking ones – they’re leather, chunky, and can be worn either barefoot or with socks. Yes, with socks. As shocking as it may seem, the once frowned upon trend popular with German tourists is seeing a resurgence.

Fashion and comfort do not always come together well but sandals have passed the test on both fronts. Maybe that’s why everyone can’t stop wearing them. Maybe it’s the fact that everyone has been indoors for the past year donning nothing but sweats and slippers.

But whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sliders.

Whether you’re into sliders or the classic Birkenstock, expect to find even more styles from puffy sandals to fluffy platforms. If you’re thinking of wearing them with socks, then we suggest you slip your feet into some cashmere ones for some extra luxury.

9. Boots

Although sneakers remain the most popular footwear category, boots are increasingly the go-to footwear for all occasions. More rugged styles like the combat boot are a good basic style for all. For something more refined and low-key, the Chelsea boot is a classic that fits into any man’s shoe collection.

You may already own a puffer jacket or two, but it appears that the puffer trend is making its way over to boots too. Padded Nylon boots aka snowboots are a firm favorite. Whether you’re style-conscious or cold averse, puffer boots are for both – making them a solid choice of boot style.

10. Psychedelic Neons

The tye-dye trend is still ongoing but rather than a softer color palette, it’s turned psychedelic. Watch out for shocking pinks and electric blues on sweaters and tees alike.

Expect to see statement pieces with patterns in ombre effects and watercolor blends of neon greens and yellows. Check Luis Vuitton, JW Anderson, and Loewe for some more psychedelic inspiration from the runway.

Neons are everywhere and easy to add some color to your clothing collection – think psychedelic sportswear like hoodies and tees.

11. All Over Pink

Pink might have been reserved for the fairer sex in days gone by, but this season is all about pink power in the men’s department. Dress head to toe in pastel pink or go all out in neon, the choice is yours.

Unfortunately pink has often been given a bad rap and might be seen as too feminine for men to wear. But the good news is that today pink is a completely acceptable color that both men and women.

Not convinced? Then check out Harry Styles, David Beckham, and Brad Pitt all rocking suits in shades of pink.

Still not sure how to wear pink? Try with contrasting colors to tone things down, or layer with different shades of pink to add some variation. If a pink suit isn’t to your taste, then casual tees and bomber jackets can be easier to style in this color.

12. Sustainable Clothing

Men and women are increasingly conscious of how their fashion choices impact the environment. Quality craftsmanship and sustainable pieces are growing in popularity and have led to the development of new fabrics with a low carbon footprint.

Eucalyptus trees and repurposed food waste are amongst a new wave of materials being used within fashion.

Whether you plan to shop locally or online, the choice isn’t just limited to eco-friendly fabrics. Independent brands are working with plant-based fabric dyes rather than the usual toxic variety for their collections.

Patagonia, founded by rock climber and eco-warrior Yvon Chouinard remains a long-time champion of sustainable fashion. The brand continues to produce clothing from organic cotton, repurposed man-made fibers, and uses some of the latest “green” fabrics on the market.

Bonus: General Fashion Tips

The suits might be loose-fitting this season, but as a rule of thumb, they should still fit well on the shoulders. Make sure that it’s not too tight or loose as any alterations will be harder to fix on the shoulders later on.

If you’re afraid to jump in on the color trends, then try going for lighter shades of the usual staple colors like blues and greens. Not only will this brighten up your wardrobe without going full neon pink, but it might be easier to experiment with different colors further down the line.

Investing in pieces that will stand the test of time is a great idea, but it’s no good if you don’t take care of them.

Store away suits on quality hangers and avoid the clothes dryer as this can reduce the life cycle of clothing. Wash clothes regularly and only put away clean clothes to avoid attracting clothes moths. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding tiny holes all over your new clothes.

Knowing How to Follow Fashion Trends

So here it is, a list of the latest fashion trends for 2022, but which ones should you be following?

As with all trends, the most important part when it comes to fashion is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Consider your existing clothing collection and try incorporating new pieces that blend well, rather than having a complete makeover.

For many, fashion is an extension of their personalities so let yours shine by choosing styles that match – and don’t forget to have fun with it.

Interested in more style tips? Then head on over to the lifestyle section on our website for the latest fashion news.



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