The most eye-catching part of your outfit is the blouse you wear with the six yards of unrivaled grace that you wear as a saree. Yes! And a saree blouse can either finish off your traditional Indian look or ruin it. So, if you are looking for some amazing and simple blouse patterns, we will be able to help you. In this post, we have put together a list of some pretty cool designs for the blouse you have been planning to wear to the big wedding or family reunion. You can try any of these simple blouse designs.

If you wear these patterns, you will definitely get compliments and maybe even some envy. You will steal the show, and people will want to copy your style because of it. Oh, that really does sound like the life of a famous person. Okay, now let us not keep you waiting. You are just a few more scrolls away from having the coolest Indian look ever. Read the article all the way through until you get to the end. We are sure that you will like all of them.

Features Of Simple Blouse Designs

  1. Most of the time, they lack intricate embellishments like embroidery.
  2. Trying out new silhouettes and print combinations is the name of the game when it comes to simple blouses.
  3. High necks are perfect for a more classic style, while deep cuts are for the daring.
  4. In the case of a basic neck and back blouse designs are the defining features of the garment’s overall appearance.
  5. The younger generation favors styles like asymmetrical hemlines, off-the-shoulder necklines, strapless bodices, and even strings.
  6. These blouses are made more beautiful by the addition of tassels and modest lace borders.

List of Best Simple And Fancy Blouse Designs

1. Cape Collars Simple Blouse Designs

Cape Collars Simple Blouse Designs

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Do you want to show off a blouse that is simple but makes a big statement? The true cape-style collar blouses add to an overall look that is very traditional and classy. This style of cape collar is very easy to wear both during the day and at night. Because the design could make your shoulders look wider, it looks best with designer sarees and slimmer shapes.

2. Simple Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Simple Boat Neck Blouse Designs

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Because it is wearable with many different types of sarees, the boat-neck blouse is very versatile. When worn with a net saree, a long-sleeved blouse with a boat neckline looks beautiful. If the sleeves have embroidery, you can wear simple jewelry to match your style. A simple saree can be made to look beautiful with the help of a boat-neck blouse in black, white, or any neutral color with full embroidery.

3. Tassels At The Back Simple Blouse Designs

Tassels At The Back Simple Blouse Designs

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The easiest way to give your standard saree outfit a new look is to play around with the pattern on the back of your blouse. When worn with any kind of saree, but especially with a silk saree, blouses with a tasseled back look very traditional. The tassel doesn’t have to be on the back of the blouse like most people think it should be. It can also be on the front of the blouse. In fact, the front tassels look even more beautiful. Wear a plain, light-colored saree, like white or any other light color, with a bright-colored blouse with tassels on the front. Then look at your reflection in the mirror. You will surprise yourself, so get ready.

4. Ruffle Blouse Designs

Ruffle Simple Blouse Designs

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The pattern of the ruffle blouse is perfect for women who want to change the look of their saree. It’s a lot of fun to wear ruffle-sleeve blouses, which are one of the nicest and most modern basic blouse styles. If you like to wear long-sleeved blouses, try a long-sleeved blouse with ruffles instead. You will be surprised by how quickly and easily it turns an ordinary saree into a glamorous outfit. You can also look like the sweet girl next door if you wear a blouse with short ruffled sleeves. Mix a ruffled sheer blouse with a pastel-colored saree for a chic and sophisticated ethnic look.

5. Golden Over Everything Simple Blouse Designs

Golden Over Everything Simple Blouse Designs

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This gold blouse with a classic cut is another essential item you should have in your closet. This glittering gold top has a deep V-shaped front and an open back, making it one of the simplest blouse styles that can be worn every day. To show off its full beauty, it has beautiful golden lace work around the neck and around the waist. A coordinated Dori with a couple of small tassels helps keep your shoulder line straight and makes you look super cute.

6. Halter Neck Blouse Designs

Halter Neck Simple Blouse Designs

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This style of blouse neck for a cotton saree was popular even ten years ago, and it is back again thanks to movie stars. It does not have to be off-shoulder, but it gives the impression that it is. You can see one possible layout here, but don’t be afraid to try out others. You could even add a layer to the blouse to give it a new look and hide your shoulders at the same time.

7. Thin Strap Blouse Design

Thin Strap Blouse Design

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Just when you thought the bold style was done, this blouse comes along to throw you off. We’re not kidding when we say that everyone in the modern world is willing to try new things. Most people get their style ideas from neck and shoulder designs. Because of the thin strap, the blouse looks modern and stylish. This is one of the simple blouse designs with hand patterns that can make you drop to your knees in amazement.

8. Simple Blouse Design 

Simple Blouse Design 

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When it comes to basic simple blouse design patterns, these are some of the most popular simple ones. This one will make you look good at a work party or an Indian gathering. Regardless, it will make you look wonderful. It will hide your shoulder, so you won’t have to worry about how you look. Another thing that stands out to you about this outfit is that this blouse only comes in one color. So, you can wear it with almost any saree you have in your closet. If you have designer sarees with a lot of intricate work that you don’t want people to notice, this blouse would be a godsend.

9. Back Slit Blouse

Back Slit Blouse

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The next one is for women who want to keep their simple blouse designs but give them a modern twist. These blouses are very pretty, and they are different from those with no backs because they leave a lot to the wearer’s imagination. The elegant look of this overlapping design makes it great for bridal sarees and even lehengas. So, you should definitely have this thing in your closet!

10. Simple Backless Blouse

Simple Backless Blouse

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You are taking a risk by buying this blouse because it is only held in place in the back by a string. Pairing it with a beautiful saree is the best way to show off its beauty. The front of the neck should not have any decorations, so the attention stays on the saree. From the back, however, the blouse should be the most interesting part of the outfit. Isn’t this one a work of art in and of itself?

Most Common Blouse Back & Neck Designs

Let us explore some very Popular & Latest blouse designs, their fittings, and their uses. Here are a few of the most common blouse back & neck designs. Some most common blouse neck designs are a v-neck, sweetheart, turtle neck, halter neck, asymmetrical or one-shoulder neck, off-shoulder neck, Cut Out Back Blouse Design so on. 

Front Neck Design first
Front Neck Design firsts
Neckline Collection

Now let us come to the most popular blouse back designs. Here are a few of them

Now Select A Back Neck Design
Now Select A Back Neck Design

Now, let us see some of the most popular sleeve designs for blouses. Here are a few of them

Now, let us see some of the most popular sleeve designs for blouses. Here are a few of them

When it comes to the fittings of the blouses, it is very important to note the body shape of the woman wearing them, and accordingly, it is very important to make a wise choice of the neck design, back design, and sleeve design of the blouses. 

Body Shapes and the suitable Blouse Neck Designs

11. V Neck Blouse Designs

V Neck Simple Blouse Designs

A V-neck is flattering for all body Shapes as it elongates the body and brings attention to the face. It gives a vertical impression. 

V-neck is suitable for women with broad shoulders, thick torsos, and short necks. It suits all body shapes, from pear to petite. If the woman has square jaws, it will elongate the face shape. It must be avoided if one wants to draw attention away from the bust. One must avoid it if one has a long face and a heavy bust. One can lower or raise the V-neckline with a button-down shirt. 

12. Square Neck Blouse Design

Square Neck Blouse Design

This is perfect for showing off the collarbone without revealing too much. A square neck is suitable for young women as it requires stiffer skin and a stronger neck. It is suitable for a pear-shaped body as it broadens the shoulder and balances the structure of the hips. It is also suitable for short and fat necks as it elongates the frame. It is suitable for the round face which gets balanced out. It must be avoided if one has a large face in comparison to the upper body. It is best suitable for skinny and small-chested girls as it balances out the body and gives a curvy appearance to the bustline. 

13. Turtle Neck

Turtle Neck

A turtle neck hits several inches below the chin and volumizes the neck and it has a tight-fitted high collar. It is best for avoiding a thin neck and for small-chested women with narrow shoulders as it bulks up the collarbone area. It is best suited for a long face. It must be avoided if one has a round face and a short neck, a large bust, and an apple-shaped body. To avoid these, there should be enough space between the chin and the collar to prevent the ‘floating face’ effect. Details in the collars must be provided to avoid the above effect. 

14. Sweetheart Neck Blouse Designs

Sweetheart Neck Simple Blouse Designs

A sweetheart neck has two curves in the shape of a heart and helps in accentuating the cleavage as it provides enough coverage. It helps in adding a face-elongation effect and provides balance to the entire shape. Petite women should flatter their curves. It is best for an angular face as it gets balanced by the contours of the neckline. It can be best worn by women with short chin and neck. It must be avoided if the center of the neck is not pleasing to the eyes. Ruffled dresses look best with this type of neckline.

15. Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Boat Neck Blouse Designs

Also known as the princess neck or bateau neck, the boat neck balances wide hips and follows the collarbone curve. It is best suited for women with smaller heads and long necks as it widens them up. It helps women with small chests and bulky arms as it covers them. It is also best suited for women who have long faces as it cuts the length of the face and makes it look more balanced. It must be avoided if one has broad shoulders and a double chin. 

16. One-shoulder Neck

One-shoulder Neck

One shoulder or asymmetrical neckline looks dramatic and more daring. It is best for narrow shoulders, perfect collarbone, and thin arms as it broadens them. Oval and heart-shaped faces look more elegant. It must be avoided in official and formal events or one can match it with a blazer and can attend such formal ceremonies. Women with broad shoulders and heavy busts should avoid wearing these as they may add more volume and the woman may look bulky.

17. Off-shoulder Neck Blouse Designs

Off-shoulder Neck Blouse Designs

This neckline sits off the shoulders and runs below the collarbone. It is best for pear-shaped women and women with narrow shoulders. Most face shapes look pretty in off-shoulders as attention is towards the neck and the face. It should be avoided if one has broad and bulky arms. For plus-size women, it would look better if there is an off-shoulder only on one side. 

The most important factor while selecting a neckline is to consider which jewelry to be worn along with the factors of height, bust size, neck length, width, and face shape. 

18. Blouse Designs for Formal events

When it comes to formal wear, one needs to wisely choose the type of out and the blouse design. Here are a few of them.

Blouse Designs for Formal events

19. Boat-neck blouse matching it with a saree in a formal event

One can wear a boat-neck blouse matching it with a saree in a formal event.

20. Combine a black blouse with a saree of any color

This is because a black outfit is the most suitable color for any official event.

Combine a black blouse with a saree of any color

21. Elbow-length sleeved blouse with a saree for a formal event

Elbow-length sleeved blouse with a saree for a formal event

22. Best combination is a boat-neck blouse with a palazzo or a long skirt

Best combination is a boat-neck blouse with a palazzo or a long skirt

A V-neck blouse with a saree is another choice for a formal event. It can be avoided if the blouse is a bit too revealing.

A few other examples of blouses are provided below:

Best Simple Nack Blouse Designs
Bollywood Blouse Designs
Simple Bollywood Blouse Designs

24. Blouse Designs for Fancy Events 

Choosing blouses, especially for a fancy event or occasion is the most exciting situation. One has access to a vivid range of designer blouses that can be paired with a saree or a palazzo, a long skirt, or a ghagra. Here are a few examples that can be tried in case of any special occasion:

Blouse Designs for Fancy Events 
Best Blouse Designs for Fancy Events 
Latest Simple Blouse Designs for Fancy Events 
Dipika Padukon Ware Simple Blouse
New Blouse Designs

Body Shapes and the suitable Blouse Back Designs

Best Body Shapes and the suitable Blouse Back Designs
Body Shapes and the suitable Blouse back Designs

Final Words

Putting on one of these blouses will instantly make you look flawless and very chic. In the end, you know that you can wear these blouses with anything, including formal sarees and party clothes, and that they fit and look good with each. So take a step forward and make an appointment with your tailor right now! 



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