Take a look at your closet and try to be honest with yourself. Do you think you are ready for 2020? From classic pieces to new twists, this year is bringing a myriad of new looks to our wardrobes, to enhance or completely change our personal style.

There are many ways to find some inspiration and keep up with the latest trends. You can study the female mannequins at your local store, follow all the latest fashion shows, or take a look at what Internet influencers are wearing. Alternatively, you can read our overview of the 10 top fashion trends for 2020, and start rocking this year!

Top Fashion Trends For 2020

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1. Oversized Sleeves

Back in the 18th century, oversized sleeves were a big deal. They are now back, with their vibrant shape which will help you create the illusion of a slimmer waist. You can opt for pastel and soft colors, or go bold with strongest and darkest shades.

2. Chunky Boots

If you have followed 2019โ€™s fashion trends, then you may still have your pair of chunky boots. These shoes will still be trending in 2020, but you can mix them with new looks. For example, why donโ€™t you try your chunky shoes with a very feminine dress? It is time to unleash your girly side and enhance it with your favorite combat boots!

3. Faux Leather Coats

Leather is a sturdy material, but it may be expensive. Luckily, designers are now experimenting with faux leather, which can still be good at keeping you warm even in the coldest wintertime. Leather coats used to be a must back in the โ€™90, and are now back to add a grunge twist to your wardrobe.

4. Bucket-Style Bags

In 1932, Louis Vuitton launched the first bucket-style bags, designed to keep champagne fresh. Although a bottle of sparkling wine may not be one of the valuables that you usually bring with you every day, you can still style one of these bags as a part of your outfits. They are cute and offer a lot of room, so you should try them.

5. Shoes Worn Over Pants

Long pants were one of the best trends of 2019, so it does not surprise if they are still relevant in 2020. However, to make a bold statement, you can wrap your favorite strappy shoes around the ankle of your pants. This basically works with any pair of trousers, including cigarette pants or jeans, and we recommend to wear high heels to look like the coolest businesswoman.

Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

6. Bucket Hats

When it comes to summertime, what are the most iconic pieces that you need in your closet? Once you have bought your swimwear online, it is time to be ready to block out the sun with your new bucket hat. This is definitely one of the cutest and trendiest accessories that will be trending in 2020.

7. Square-Toed Heels

Tired of your old shoes? It is time for a change, and to switch from traditional heels to the square-toe style. These shoes will make your legs look longer and thinner and enhance any look. You can rock this style with either a pair of combat boots or some cozy sandals.

8. Gold Chain Necklaces

No look is really completed without the right accessories. The latest trends of 2020 have seen the rise of gold chain necklaces. They are elegant and can still all the attention without the need to add other jewels to your look.

9. Matching Tops and Stocking

For many fashionistas, following the latest trends in all about matching the right pieces of clothing. In 2020, you can finally stand out from the crown by matching the same print of your tops with your stocking.


Looking for a cool new entry for your wardrobe? Then it is time to experiment with jumpsuits. These pieces of clothing are comfortable and versatile and can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. You can complete the look with your favorite accessories, including a huge waist belt, some stunning combat boots, and your sunglasses.

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